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50w led light

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50w led light Customers Reviews

  • Good for DIY Floodlight

    posted by ARYcave

    Very bright LED. Brightness stays good between 14 and 20V. I would compare it as it is brighter than 21W Xenon HID. With or without collimator lens it provides spotless bright flood - good for video. However it will be hard to make a spot from it.
    Will not work at 12V. Better if used w/collimator lens. If ever driver will be available for this unit it should include trigger switch and FET onboard - so it will be using the same heat disspator. Requires massive heat sink perhaps even with an ability to run liquid cooling agent. I was able to feed it thru MOSFET but it requires (again) massive radiator so perhaps relay commutation is a way to go.
    Awesome product to play with.
  • bright as hell

    posted by ronald1705

    It is bright as the sun and you can illuminate bigger rooms without any difficulty. Outdoor it reaches about 50m in a wide angle without any optics. The colortemperature is as expected.
    It hurts to look directly at the light, even 20 minutes after.
    If you need it, buy it. sku.47304 is a good Driver for it.
    And donnot forget to get a big heatsink.
  • Seems to do the job

    posted by Protonite

    It works for now, seems to be pretty bright, as to be expected with 50W. Comes with cable and some hooks to hang it up, as seen on the pictures. Case is made of sheet metal and LEDs are mounted on an aluminium heat spreader that is glued inside. Light spread is pretty good, looks like the LEDs have a decent angle (probably more than 60°) and are not some narrow beamed types. So you can get pretty close to your plants and still have an even mix of red and blue. (Of course, if you want to hang the lamp far above the plant, or have some high growing plants, this could be a con...)
    As for an actual result, well, not much grown with these lights jet. I just started with two plants of the "Lowryder #2" strain a couple of days back and they just sprouted, so, we will see how these lamps do in about 8-12 weeks from now.
    I did some experiments with homemade LED lights for about a year and so far always had good results with healthy plants. (Mostly used cree and luxeon 1W LEDs). I've never actually used more than 50W for all my plants, so now i'm expecting even better grows with double the power. But we'll have to wait and see if the light mixture and wavelength actually works to keep the plants happy and healthy...
  • A lot of Led Light at good price

    posted by gianx

    Well done module, a lot of warm white led light.it's very hot so you have to use a dissipator (i've used a cpu one). long life i've keep on it 12 h a day for 3 month and still working
    Good product at reasonable price
    buy also sku 132902 to power the module.sku http://www.dx.com/p/132902JR-50W LED AC Power Driver for 50W LED Light Lamp Bulb
  • Bright lights, nice effects, fixable remote

    posted by acidratio

    300 bright LEDs on tape strip with 3M self-adhesive. Flash effects are superior to other similar products in that you get a "moving" sequence option in addition to the fade and strobe effects. My DVD remote, old VCR remote, and current cable box remotes also control the light effects.
    The item comes without an AC/DC adapter. If you're somewhat of an electronics rat pack geek like me, then you should already have some old adapter in your arsenal. I had 18 in my collection with different outputs for volts & amperes. I found one with 12Vdc and 1.2 Amps was the best to use. It lit the lights as brightly as they could get without heating them up too much.
    Once you fix the wiring in the remote and tape strip, all buttons work perfectly and as they are noted. The dancing flash effects and closely positioned LEDs make this a better deal than other similar items on DX. I'm very satisfied with the product considering its cost.

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