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50mw green light laser

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50mw green light laser Customers Reviews

  • is very good, but it came to my country (Argentina) with glass damaged

    posted by LucianoRC

    the product is very good, and encouraged my children at Christmas, projecting lights to the beat of the music ...
    I have no suggestions .. I guess I should send aretfactos controlled, I have no doubt that you are a serious company, not happened with mine .. : (
    not need to put here ...
  • Turn your room in to A DISCO!!!!!

    posted by dutchbartman

    *It turn's your whole room in to a ballroom/club/disco!*The blue/blacklight leds are so strong that in my living room (7*4 meters) everything that is white glows up!*The laser effect is STRONG!
    I first tryed it on sound activated mode with some hardcore house music... WOW this was GREAT!!!!Some smoke helps;) If you don't have a smoke machine a olibanum stik ore 2:)Than i played some metalica, and the effect was amazing!!!!In auto mode it's also verry cool!
    If you ever wanne bay a laser projector, and don't need DMX, this is a verry good product!
  • Very good deal!

    posted by lifeguard

    De beams are very bright. Used materials look very strong (haven't seen the inside, but it already fell on the floor while in the box and it still works!).
    Small device but very powerfull.
    For this price I don't care about the cons. It is much better than my old 5mw laser (which can be sort of programmed). In combination with a smoking machine it gives very nice effects.
    It's worth every dollar you pay for. Don't forget to order a flat-to-round plug (sku 03529) when you want to use it in the EU.
  • Good Prduct

    posted by nachovi02

    Very good product .. Built in good material It is very bright. it works very good. The figures in the wall are very big.The Box is Small and i received the package in very good conditions in my address. The laser is built in matal The microphone works ok with the musicIt is cheaper than the ones i have in my countryIt has a remote contoller that works if are at 10 meters of the laser.. thats nice
    You can use inside your room and looks very nice and in small parties.. I Recomend this product..
  • Excellent!!!

    posted by doferreira

    I directed the laser beam to a building some 50 meters away and the dots were clearly visible filling the whole building!Easily illuminates an entire room!Good effects!it can display dots or ellipses, continuous or pulsed.
    The music function worked correctly, and you can adjust the sensitivity to be triggered by a simple conversation or a fuller sound.- Lightweight and compact- Easy transportation and handling- Adjustable Base- high intensity laser- Adjustable Tripod
    Take a shine to your party with this laser projector!Excellent to draw attention to their clients, putting it at the entrance of his store!

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