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50mw green laser

Welcome to our 50mw green laser online shop. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Of course, you can find them from green gun laser, green laser scope. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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50mw green laser Customers Reviews

  • is very good, but it came to my country (Argentina) with glass damaged

    posted by LucianoRC

    the product is very good, and encouraged my children at Christmas, projecting lights to the beat of the music ...
    I have no suggestions .. I guess I should send aretfactos controlled, I have no doubt that you are a serious company, not happened with mine .. : (
    not need to put here ...
  • Laserpower

    posted by lasermanathome

    Really bright lasermodule.I,ve bought this item several times.The outputpower in GREEN is not exagerrated.Often the beam itselve is TEM 00 and polarised.
    For ist price this is an amazing cheap and good lasermodule.When you moumt a IR stop filter and handle with care, cool it so the cristal is 23 centigrades and the pump (808nM)LD runs cool, the laser will not cause trouble.At the right current and proper cooling several of these items delivered a laser even suitable for lab use.An inproper current/ temerature brings the cristal in multimode output(not TEM 00).so TEC cooling and filtering for IR makes that you become a laser with a high value, I'v done this.This is certainly NOT A TOY
    When you have no experience with lasers , learn about lasersafety and begin to buy the 1-5mW type to get experience.If you have got the skills, this laser is powerfull enough for most experiments.Please DX, sell IR filters for these lasers, it is rather difficult to become them for laserists themselvers.
  • Class IIIa is <mW, not 50mW.

    posted by Chesaw

    When the snow goes in a few months I expect to mount this laser sight with SKU 44686 on my 1928 Thompson, with the pressure switch on the vertical foregrip, and then test the windage and elevation adjustments and the effects of operation at a rate of 600 RPM. It seems to be well built and well finished. The green laser is significantly more visible than a red laser of the same power output in milliwatts. The xenon module that came with it is very bright.
    Looking for a laser sight that truly outputs > 5mW, I see SKU 105115 advertised at 20mW, but enlarging a picture of it shows engraved on it "5MW CLASS IIIa". Does DX offer any class IIIb or Class IV laser sights? According to the rules cited above, a laser that outputs > 5mW could not be certified as Class IIIa.
    Subject to actual shooting tests in a few months, it seems that this laser sight should serve well indoors or at night though it is not sufficiently powerful for bright daylight.
  • Laser Stage Lightning

    posted by mavouh

    The laser `show´ is very bright and nice!
    - comes in a nice box
    - option to hang it or put in on the standard
    - comes with a EU plug converter
    - has a microphone in it to response on music
    Don't know if this is a pro or a con, but this thing is not big.
    Buy this if you like laser lightning shows / devices. Good for party's and it's not expensive.
  • Pretty good; noisy fan

    posted by electricdjinn

    Fairly standard "club effects", nice to have that for myself. Sound reactivity is less fun than I hoped, but good to have.
    I'll just replace the fan with a good one I have in my junk box, and this will be a fun addition to my parties. The remote will probably get lost the third time I use it.
    Decent, minor quality issues but cheap.

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