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5050 led strip white

You will be surprised our best 5050 led strip white with an artful design and an amazing price. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Browse led strip 5050 5m white or 5050 led light strip white to find what you are looking for. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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5050 led strip white Customers Reviews

  • Good set cant run full power at 10m

    posted by lance.frater

    Great priceReally is 144W at full power 12V computer PSU Has a self adhesive but... it doesn't stickwater proof by a silicon layer Good markings to trim into smaller sections. just solder on new wiresUsed in a make-up display cabinet quiet blue light but as expected - if you need warm light get the other ones
    Not really 10m just two 5 metre lenghts joined together - need to cut then and solder very smelly you have to take them out of the packet and air them out for a week
    If you need bold strong lighting for a shop/strore these are good, simple 12v power supply just used a computer supply. be prepared to glue them in if you need a secure fit
  • Many Light for cheap price

    posted by franky1109

    Good Stripe for this price! Very good lightning. I have 25 metres in my living room as master light. It´s very warm white light. Perfekt for my living room.
    All other stripes are higher prices with lower lumen. And it´s very easy with the adhevise tape. I have additional to thes aluminium profiles under the stripes for the heating manegement.
    I´ve ordered 5 Stripes for my living room and it´s more than bright for my room!
  • Useful, as advertised

    posted by ed2096

    Back part of strip is 3M adhesive!! BONUS!Not cool whiteShorter than usual strips (3m vs 5m)Useful for small applicationsCuttable every 3 LEDs (look at strip markings)Waterproof layer seems well done
    Short length makes it economical in certain situations
    No complaints, using it in limited area, colour temperature not too big a deal. 3M adhesive was a major bonus for me.
  • Best Value for your dollar

    posted by BerrySafely

    They are as bright as expected and of great quality. They look wonderful under my ne cabinets and accent my countertop better than anything I could have purchased at a big box store. Th colour saturation is exactly as advertised and the brightness is perfect.
    Remember that you will also need to get a 50W 12 VDC power supply to drive the whole light strip or two 30W if you split the strip in half.
    Great value for your hard earned dollar. I would recommend this product to anyone doing a kitchen renovation if you want to make it stand out. It would work great on a boat or a car for accent lighting as well.
  • 10 meters of waterproof white LEDs

    posted by catalinyo

    -enough LEDs to make light in a regular apartment kitchen-the strip can be cut in various sizes (3 LEDs is the minimum size, ~5cm long)-has adhesive back and it can be attached even under the furniture (if you want to light a table for example)
    Good price for 10 meters of white waterproof LEDs. Heat dissipation is in limits, just don't use them in a reel for long time, they will get very hot.
    For a design ambient light, this is what you are looking for! Good price for a fair quality / price ratio!

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