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500gb external drive

The perfect 500gb external drive here to meet all your needs. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. external drive 1tb and external hdd drive are the hottest keywords that customer use. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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500gb external drive Customers Reviews

  • Very good!

    posted by Milan6

    -Good quality, enclosure, cable, and pouch are all very good quality.-It is possible to open the enclosure and take out the drive, it is even possible to put a different drive in.-It is a lot cheaper than any hard drive I could find in the Netherlands.-I like the color.-Genuine Western Digital drive.-Actually USB 3.0, really high transfer speeds.
    Good price.
    Cheap, and easy to use. Recommended.
  • Cheap and cool

    posted by juliohm

    Very simple. This is a notebook hard drive with an external casing to connect using an USB cable. Not much else to tell. 500GB gives me more than enough room to make my backups.The external case is metal, which is nice; shiny and good looking. It's a great build quality.USB cable comes with a double end (like in the picture). If the USB outlet you are using does not provide enough power for the drive to work you can still connect the secondary one (the thinner end) to get enough juice.
    The case is really nice, and looks cool. This is definitely the choice if you are looking to give it away as a present to someone.
    It's worth every cent.
  • Great deal for an original HDD

    posted by matu986

    - Excelent quality- Really fast, real USB 3.0- 465.76 GB of real capacity- It's a original WD- Well packaged
    I could buy the same discit in other e-buy websites for nearly the same price, but I trust DealExtreme and they ship the items in the right way so it can pass through the customs easily.
    Great deal for a high quality HDD. You have some other disks for this price, but WD is WD. Buy with confidence. I am thinking of buying a few more of this with the next salary :D
  • Simply amazing!

    posted by angelkasparov

    Just what I was looking for! It's a great external HD, has a great capacity (real capacity 465GB, but no HD drive always reaches it's full nominal capacity), a real stylish look, it's small (so you can carry it in a purse, for example, if you're a woman, it fits anywhere), easy to use (just plug and play), anyway, all one could hope on a external HD and more! The price is good too, here where I live (Brazil) one similar product is US$ 114, plus taxes and everything, so the price here is all around great!
    A great product! One of my first major acquisitions with DealExtreme and I loved everything so far, so be sure I will recommend the website for everyone I know, it's really great deals offered here.
  • Excelent cost-benefit!!!

    posted by ubiratamuniz

    - Price. I got this 2.5" 500GB SATA HD plus an enclosure for less than half the price I would pay only on the hard drive (no enclosure) here in Brazil.- Finishing. The damn thing is beautiful. Chrome on back and black piano on front. Not that it matters this much on a hardware piece, but it sure looks fine and matches the equipment I bought this for (a DVD player with USB ports) perfectly.- Dual USB cable (one for power) necessary on USB 1.1 connections (no power), but works just fine with only one plug on USB 2.0 systems- Pre-formatted on NTFS- Comes with pouch for scratch protection when transporting
    I bought this to plug on my LG DV4S2H "Black Eye" DVD player. My intention is to load this thing with XviD movies and TV shows to watch on TV. The DVD Player has only one USB port, I was afraid that it wouldn't work because of power issues, but the DVD player's USB port is 2.0, so I didn't needed an extra power adapter. on my PC I needed to plug both USBs.To use on my DVD Player, I needed to reformat this to FAT32, there's a Hewlett-Packard free utility that does this (WinXP, WinVista and Win7 do not offer the option to format such a large drive on FAT32, only exFAt or NTFS which are not compatible with other electronic appliances). You can find that utility on the web.
    Man, I plan to buy two more of these. One of them I will take apart just to get the hard drive for my netbook. Other will be used as a backup drive. This was really a pleasant surprise.


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