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These cool 5.0 lcd are high quality and at affordable prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

5.0 lcd Customers Reviews

  • good car GPS navigator

    posted by ardeus

    It fits good in hand and looks good and informative on windshield. For me it has perfect size to use and to keep in pocket while leaving car. It has 800*480 points screen resolution, so you can clearly see screen contents, not pixels. And it has 128mb RAM, so most navigation applications will work without lags
    I didn't even launched stock iGo that came with device, because I have changed it to Primo 2.4, so cannot compare render speed. Comparing to Primo on Galaxy Nexus it runs a little slower, but don't forget about the specs
    For it's price it is one of the most suitable GPS navigators on DX. There's 4Gb internal storage for maps, it's built on YF platform (I had others, but prefer YF)
  • You can buy

    posted by pin1955

    Cool 5" GPS for Brazilian! The HD TV works plenty!Good price! Bought it really for fun, but it was even very interesting thing:) Interesting design, build quality. Can be used for listen music, to see videos and play games. Its very easy to work with it.I was in a doubt about TV, but its functons perfectily.
    Everyone I show it to wants one and ask me if they can buy it off me.
    definitely I buy this because: * its cheap * Good material* good product, good workmanship and proper accessories. and best all it can be a gift to your friends or family
  • First Experience with this GPS

    posted by FelipePohren

    - Good Price
    - easy to use
    - easy find satelities
    - FM transmitter is good
    - easy to change Navi software
    The GPS works well. the suction cup sticks and releases easily. I usually plugged into the car battery, so the battery does not end. I changed the PRIMO-NAVI by IGO and works well, although some errors may occur. the product arrived in great condition and quality of the equipment is good.
    Anyway, I am satisfied with the product and I recommend it.
  • good gps no extra,s

    posted by sjaakh

    Good Gps.Fast.Good screen.Good size.Nice games.(although difficult playing driving the car)If you want a Gps this is a good one.
    if you want a gps with a 5 inch screen and nothing more, it is a good one.If you by it for the E-books and AV-in?stay away from it.Even other e-book reading programs can not be installed. i have tried 6 none works.
    good for gps forget the rest
  • Problem with gps signal volume

    posted by 1leonardmynar

    From the begining the gps navigator had very low signal. After few weeks the signal is so low (or no signal) that gps software cant detect any signal and the navigation doesnt work. I tried to reset gps and item also, it didnt help.
    The price is very good.Sometimes the gps signal is ok and gps software works correctly. In five minutes the gps signal go down and using of navigation is inpossible.
    Design and screen is ok also

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