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5 t6 Customers Reviews

  • excellent light

    posted by kosha165

    I immediately ordered two of the flashlight. This bright flashlight sama of those that I've seen. The purchase did not regret a single time.
    perfect light. currently thinking about buying a lamp with 12 LEDs.
    for relatively little money, I received a very cool flashlight. all the friends who had seen the light in me jealous.and yet it is quite hard for them to fend off looters (joke)
  • Perfect relation between quality and price

    posted by janmilewski

    Very well built, black anodised aluminium body, sealed bindings, sealed power button, mineral glass front shield, compact size. Very strong light.
    Battery inserted into the torch has little, horizontal gap causes breaking ('resetting') the light while shaking the torch.
    Reliable and worth the money
  • Very powerful light.

    posted by Esanchesl

    The flashlight light power is incredible. The distance the focus reaches is far than 80 meters, good enough for a night bike ride. It´s built with a very resistant material, all the parts thread very well.The attaching part to the bike is made in rubber and keeps the flashlight well fixed.
    The equipment I was needing for night mountain biking.Never point the light to someone´s face/eye.
    The flashlight is excellent and you can use it out of the bike too.
  • Absolutely amazing output for its size

    posted by gordoonng

    - Actualy output is around 850-900 lumens, which is still amazing- Smaller than you think- Fits the palm of hand- Shorter than my cell phone- Really small with an extremely bright output- Zooming function extremely useful- Clean light cut-off
    It can be smallerThe flashlight is really bright. Its amazing how this can be so bright for this size
    Get it. Its worth it. For its price, you cannot go wrong. I paid around $23 for it and it came with two Ultrafire batteries and a charger
  • One of the best zooming XM-L T6 flashlights

    posted by podvlada

    Very bright, small and powerfull, seems sturdy and build quality is very good as well. Clip is strong. Strap can be attached, there are small drilled holes near the cap. Fits protected cells - I have TrustFire protected 2400mAh cells (sku. 20392) and tailcap can be screwed all the way in. Stands good on tail and on the head too. Will not roll with the clip on. Zoomable. Switch has nice feeling - it's reverse click type.
    OK, here are some numbers. With fresh cell: high mode draws ~1,8A; medium ~0,9A; low ~0,25A. Measured 1m from wall, wide beam has 130cm diameter, zoomed beam is square with side of 17cm.
    Don't know, how much I would have to pay to get one of these in my country. This beats everything else in price and output power. You wouldn't regret buying one of these.


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