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5 pin mini Customers Reviews

  • Great Price for DIP USB mini sockets

    posted by Whamodyne

    Allows you to use USB power in your projectsDIP pins can be hand solderedUnused data pins can be removed
    A great price on a commodity item - I'm using this and a USB cord to power a lot of electronic projects.
    For using as 5V power to your project it's great. Looking at it from the rear, the far right pin is the positive 5V, and the far left pin is ground. The three middle pins are for data and can be pulled out with a pair of pliers if you don't need them
  • Works great on my WD Passport

    posted by iwekpg

    I've lost my WD cable, and couldnt find the one that works, this one works great with my external WD Passport hard drive. Very satisfied, work as it should be. I tested in on few laptops and desktop computers and had no problem wih it
    Nice blue color, length is 20cm so you can pack it in any small bag or jacket pocket without need to band it like big (1.8 meters) cables
    Best buy for external hard drives. Very good quality. Definetly should buy another one to have it as spare cable. I am recommending this to my friends.
  • it works

    posted by ilgaplaukis

    - Very useful if your imagination is good :)
    - I am using it for charging my electronic cigarette: it needs USB power and has USB-male charger, so it becomes a problem outdoors without any USB-female socket. But I have a portable AA battery powered backup phone charger, one of it's adaptors is a mini-USB-male, so I plug it in this adaptor and to the adaptors other end - my electronic cigarette charger. Works like a charm!
    - The same goes to charging portable MP3 players or any other devices that charge via USB.
    - Can also be used to convert your mini-USB cable to an USB extension cable, if you need one and have a spare mini-USB.
    - Good price.
    Very useful for someone, who wants to make something work, even though it was not meant to work that way ;)
    If you know where to put it - buy it. If you don't - you will waste a small amount of money :) still, it is worth a try. Good thing to test your imagination :)
  • perfecto

    posted by icefire1985

    This device works perfectly. Has a very good price. The advantage is that this device has a 5 pin (OTG: on the go) connection, and you can connect external devices to tablets, computer screens, even mobiles.
    I can connect a tablet keyboard with a mini USB cable with my tablet. Works great. I have to thank also that has wasted little time to arrive to me. Size is also a big plus. This device is very small and convenient to operate .fsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf
    I recommend it.
  • Nice adapter for my car. No more wire hanging

    posted by PangaDayWalker

    Very, very small. Didn't expect to be so small.Help on my car not to have anymore wire hanging on dashboard. Use also to charge my GPS as small USB > Female USB.
    Since I didn't want those "hard" USB adapter I had to choose this one. Since now is working should be fine for 2 bucks.
    Buy but don't expect much. Do the job in the bottom of the quality necessary to work.

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