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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase 5 motor here and you can save money at the same time. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

5 motor Customers Reviews

  • These collets are good

    posted by gsarwal

    The collets look solidThese collets hold the motor shaft very tight. No chance of your props flying awayThe small holes in front can be used to insert a rod and tighten them pretty hardthe collets break at impact, saving your prop and motor shaft, which I think is very goodGood for buying in bulk and using them as they break away on impact
    Generally speaking, good collets and hold wellAluminium used does not look A grade but it holds well
    But them if you need some in your stash or field box
  • Awesome, I am very satisfyed

    posted by duodecimo

    The products (I have bought 2 motors) where very carefully packed, and this is awesome. The motors worked out of the box, no problem (other that I had to find a schema to connect things in the internet).
    It would be great if there were instructions on how to connect the product with the Arduino board, along with some example code.
    In the end, after finding a schema of connection and a sample code on the web, all worked as expected. The motors are slow, but very strong, and my circuits did not heat at all. I was very pleased with my purchase.
  • Excellent product

    posted by nrile

    It is really easy to use. Good thing is a large number of inputs for limit switches, emergency stop...
    It is designed for bipolar motors, so do not try to connect unipolar motors, because they use different types of drivers. For my project i used easydriver and it works just fine.
    Excellent product, it can be used from hobby projects to some serious milling machines.
  • Good quality, good presentation and right price

    posted by fedesh03

    This device is perfect for developing a RepRap 3d Printer. It brings all the needed stuff to make it work: Stepper drivers, end-stop switches for all axis, additional servo connectors for miscellaneous uses, I2C, connections for heaters, etc. It also includes heatsink and thermal conductive pads. Everything in a single Arduino compatible shield.
    Since I bought it to make a CNC router, not a 3D printer, it has some features that I don't need, like the heaters connections and respective mosfets.
    The whole product quality is very good, I haven't tested it all, since I need only a portion of it. But I'm very satisfied with the kit.
  • Very tiny

    posted by Trillot

    Very tiny motor Length: 11mm (excluding eccentric); Voltage: 1.5 V to 3VoltsYou got 5 pieces ultra-miniature rotor motor
    Nothing to add, because they are perfect in a small form factor. Nothing to add, because they are perfect in a small form factor. Nothing to add, because they are perfect in a small form factor.
    No special control requirements as a sport where the mechanical load driving power source. A simple 1,5 to 3volts is only necessary.

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