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  • A nice option, could use tweaking

    posted by gearhounds

    XP-E emitter, easy drop in for P60 ready lights. Mode memory for last mode used. Nice tight spot with sufficient flood.
    DX needs to press the manufacturer to clarify power needs; mine came with 4.2-8.4V sticker. I switched out the driver with sku 1885 (still over-driven, but ok so far) and it is now very bright and not a bit angry as of yet. The P60 is not the best platform for the XP-E, but works fairly well.
    Changing this to a dedicated .7-.8 mA driver would make it the best balance of brightness, run time, and emitter lifetime. Still worth the price of admission.
  • little sun

    posted by mcmisak

    I like to work in versions with two batteries. Lights up very strongly - as a small sun.
    quite heavy in hands after longer time. I recommend using the battery type 26650. The batteries Ultrafire BRC 18650 3600mAh is at full power about 45 minutes.
    +++ very useful battery. I call it small sun. Excellent helper in an automobile workshop forest garden etc.
  • Solid flashlight with heat problems

    posted by azev

    -Ergonomic handling for regular European hands (middle finger slightly touches my palm when grabbing firmly)-Modular extension for using 3 cells (18650 & 26650), you have the flexibility to use either 2, 3 or a combination of both as needed-Digitally regulated 25W power drain, 92% driver efficiency at 12,6V, so LEDs get ~23W -> 3,[email protected],4V -> [email protected],6V-Driver works at high power from 7,8V (28,18W) to 13V (25,5W), not tested above 13V-XM-L T6's are driven very efficient @~3,3W brutto (max. rated 10W)-As bright as two H4-55W car headlights in 20yo reflectors-LEDs glued to the flashlight head with some kind of white silicone. It is 5,8mm strong in its back part, so the heat can dissipate really good.-Easy to maintain: Reflector is screwed to the head with two fine-thread Philips-head screws, circuit is held down by a spring and a brass swivel-Spacers dimensions allow you to use protected 18650's-Nice brass caps cover contact springs in the head and tail
    -Plain tailcap allows you a relatively steady tailstand (this thing can illuminate a whole room when pointed to the ceiling)-When using the lowest brightness, PWM is quite visible and disturbing when moving-When using the lower brightness modes, a slight buzzing is noticable (only if you listen carefully)----------Temperatures measured with the driver taken out of the head (it kept realtively cool, due to convection) at 11°C environment temperature. The Flashlight was turned on 12 minutes at full power; temperatures did no longer increase significantly after that time. Due to taken out driver I calculate the estaminated temperatures (increased heat from the inserted driver not included, so you might add another 20°C):-> measured Value + 11° + Head temperature = Expected temperatures of the installed driver @22°C room temperatureTemperature estimation for assembled torch:-Head 60°C -> 71°C-Driver ‘Q5’ (near the inductor) 65°C -> 136
    Its an honor for me to do the first review for this flashlight.With this SKU you recieve a flexible flashlight of good mechanical quality; LEDs are driven really efficient with ~3,3W each.On the other hand this item grills itself when running longer than 10 min. Those temperatures are way too high for DC/DC and schottky-diodes (125° core temp. is their specified max. operating temperature!), so you better keep an eye on the runtime (and head temperature!).5 - 8 min. runtime in the highest position should be okay.Finally, it gets heavy when using 3x 18650's, even more with 26650's, which could be an advantage, if you use it for security purposes (think of MagLite’s).
  • Great Little Flashlight

    posted by tensix

    -Small size
    -5 mode clicky
    -Glow in the dark clicky
    -Super bright
    -Can use protected cells
    -Weight and balance
    -Finish is great
    -Less than $16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I bought this light to use for walking the dog at night and it could not be better. I am going to but a few more as gifts! I also bought SKU 03273 to power this little guy and SKU 06672 to charge them.
    The bottom line this is a great light for the price. I can see me using this light for many things.
  • UltraFire XG-V2 XP-G R5 WC 5-Mode 350-Lumen White LED Flashlight with Strap

    posted by rudeboyinc

    UltraFire XG-V2 XP-G R5 WC 5-Mode 350-Lumen White LED Flashlight with Strap I got this with My DX points and wasn't expecting too much to be honest once a home i was more then surprised this little tiny lamp has a lot of power .
    Amazing powerful light source at a great price Buy one !

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