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  • Bright! Good deal!

    posted by DharmaBum

    Bright. Flexible. Smooth surface makes them easier to clean. Good value!
    It's pretty easy to limit the current and hence power on these LEDs with a transistor and a resistor. I ran a small 55 cm at 8.3 watts (equivalent to 75 W for the whole 5m) and after about 30 minutes they are only warm to the touch, i.e, you can grasp them hold on for as long as you want. They will do fine even if you don't mount the strips to heat sinks. Dropping the wattage to an equivalent 54 watts for 5 meters results in less heat and about 50% less bright, as detected by my camera's light meter but barely detectable by eye. These strips are a great deal!
    If you want some great LED strips that can be used for cover and undercabinet lighting buy these.
  • Useful small

    posted by thatdeadguy

    Travels well in laptop case. Good to have when you need it .
    500! I don't have that much to say. I don't type 500 characters most days. I love deal extreme just wish they didn't want 500 characters for a review. I also use deal extreme for sending gifts to my son who is overseas, free shipping rocks!
    Get one if you think you will be in a place without wifi - inexpensive backup
  • Good product

    posted by TheVoter

    Very nice ColorsVery bright to make a nice ambient light in the room. Good silicon casing.
    All in all nice product for a reasonable price. It's easily installable and works very good. The pre-defined colors are nice and you can really enjoy them.
    You can use it for nice ambient lightning. Also it still has the glue stip inside (so the LED flex cable still is stickable if you would get it out of the silicon tube). Mine is made by 3M.
  • I'm using this 5mts led strip to light up my pond

    posted by Ninguem

    - really waterproof* !!!
    - the power supply seams to be strong enough
    - the strip light is really strong (see the images uploaded - when approved)
    - the strip is alive after 3 days 25cm under water (after a silicone work on it's start and end)
    could inform us how deep can we use it
    could have a better finishing on start and end edges
    could have a longer wire on it... I have to join the wires under water... with more silicon work hehehe
    but you can change the wire with some solder work...
    5mts led strip with very good amount of light, with low power consumption, and waterproof (almost, but easy to get it perfectly with silicone) with an accessible price!! buy it !!
  • Excellent!

    posted by Mikelam

    Great, bright, iridescent, rainbow-what more need for the New Year? Flashing unsystematic, each bulb random ... this can be inconvenient for some people.No power unit and no the control unit, it is good.
    Shipment in a simple package, so good condition is miracles!But Cristmas is miracles holiday!Delay per month for the new year, but it is a problem to post.
    Excellent Cristmas gift unit. Very Recommend!

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