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These cool 5 fog lights are high quality and at affordable prices. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. black fog lights or 6000k fog lights may offer more options for you. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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5 fog lights Customers Reviews

  • Fantastic upgrade to my current incandescent bulbs

    posted by Harveyc

    Great look to my fog lamps. Will recommend this to my friends. Works with my 2007 Camry XLE. The H11 LED bulbs fit perfectly in my housings. The fog lamp housing is non-reflective, therefore you get the full brightness from the LEDs.
    Great buy, fits great, and looks fantastic.
    Great look to my fog lamps. Will recommend this to my friends. Works with my 2007 Camry XLE. The H11 LED bulbs fit perfectly in my housings. The fog lamp housing is non-reflective, therefore you get the full brightness from the LEDs. Order yours now.
  • Great Product

    posted by Zain786

    Gives off an excellent amount of light. The light is a nice white colour. The metal casing is very solid and seems to me to be quite water resistant.
    We fitted this to my buddie's car in place of the fog lamp bulbs so that his fog lamps would match the xenon conversion done to his headlamps. Please note these LEDs are not bright enough to serve as fog lamps but are great for decorative purposes.
    Would definitely recommend to anyone who is not afraid to get his hands dirty to make it fit.
  • Best LED driving lights out there

    posted by Lukec

    First of all, this LEDs are heavy, that means only one thing - very good thermal dissipation, which is indeed the major factor telling us the lifespan of LEDs. It is also sturdy enough to withstand hard hits from the road (stones etc.). The price is the highest among other driving lights on dx, but still they are about 3 times cheaper than almost the same looking Phillips LED lights, which cost about 120 euros in my country! I still didnt find time to test its waterproofness and i hope they dont leak inside. That could be a problem when driving fast in rainy day or when snow falls on LEDs, then melts on them, which can surelly bring some leaks inside. The wires that go inside LEDs, are isolated with rubber where they meat plastic housing, which is good. And for the end - they shine brightly - TOP CLASS for sure. I was even wondering about using them in my cargospace as light source, as they are indeed bright!
    The wiring is simple, tho the manual is really bad! It is writen in poor english, but anyways, anyone with some electrotechical knowladge will know how to "link" them to the car. For those who dont know, ill put a word or two about it: Both LEDs are conected to LED RUNNING SWITCH. The switch has 3 more wires: RED is + and it is connected to + feed in fuse box. BLACK is - and is connected to - feed in fuse box. I think any source that gives out 12V in fuse box will be fine as LEDs arent big power consumptions. And here is the 3rd wire, YELLOW, which turns off LEDs when it has + source brought on it. So, if you connect yellow wire to the + wire of normal daylights, that means that LEDs will be on when normal daylights are off, but when you switch normal daylights on, LEDs will turn off. That is the law in most European coutries anyway. You cant run LEDs and normal daylights at the same time!
    Great item!
  • Perfect DLR replacement

    posted by oledplex

    6000KStrong light outputFit 2007 DLR RAV4Almost able to use as main lightslow costeasy to install
    will try to find similar for fog lights, may try Cree light since they are super bright also and they should fir my RAV4 as well
    Much easier than installing LED bars and the cost is far lower than any USA seller. USA sellers charge as much as $50 a pair. Super bright and casts wide white light.
  • Bright and compact

    posted by Herto

    - The build quality looks good, solid- This lamp has the same shape and size as a normal H4 lamp, so replacement is a no-brainer (except for luminous flux)- Led current is regulated, so if the lamp is supplied above 12v, the current won't raise and power consumption will stay the same- Lightning is omnidirectionnal in driving beam
    I bought this lamp to replace an HS1 lamp for my scooter (e-ton e-mo). Il looks much brighter.Power consumption is given at 10W but when I measure the lamp, I record only 4W.It is not really usable below 10v.
    The brigthness is good for a HS1 replacement, with a -85% power consumption.


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