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  • Muito Interessante

    posted by FelipeSimmi

    Lanterna muito boa. Muito legal o jeito como ela alterna pelos modos de foco. Foi dificil descobrir, ams depois, achei muito interessante.Recomendo, tem um foco muito bom, que atinge uma grande distancia.
    Lanterna muito boa. Muito legal o jeito como ela alterna pelos modos de foco. Foi dificil descobrir, ams depois, achei muito interessante.Recomendo, tem um foco muito bom, que atinge uma grande distancia.
    Lanterna muito boa. Muito legal o jeito como ela alterna pelos modos de foco. Foi dificil descobrir, ams depois, achei muito interessante.Recomendo, tem um foco muito bom, que atinge uma grande distancia.
  • Excellent

    posted by epictetus

    The fit and finish of this light is absolutely outstanding. Others here and elsewhere have commented on the machining and anodizing on this light and I can only endorse - WOW!!! In the word one reviewer (DR Blood on DX), SUBLIME, truly perfect. On mine at least I had to go looking really hard with a magnifying glass to find even tiny blemishes.
    The feel of this light is also great, to me at least, since I prefer both the look and feel of the longer form to the ‘shorter-fatter’ form. I also prefer standard (in this case 3 x 18650 - I use AW’s, not the ones which come with the light) to custom battery packs or highly specialised batteries.
    All body sections are double O-ringed and the threads are perfect but some did have tiny metal filings and one had a 6 cm metal shaving loosely held under one O-ring which was easy to re-move. The thread was otherwise fine. As others have commented, no lubrication was evident on the threads and that is one of the first things I did - with DeOxit.
    This light is BRIGHT with great throw. It is of course primarily an outdoor ‘thrower’ but even close up on a white wall the beam is pretty perfectly symmetrical so it ought to please even white wall hunters. I do have a light meter and may get around to doing some measurements but ‘ball-park’ I go along with the circa 1600 real Lm estimates on high which are floating around the web.
    It DOES have MEMORY although there are conflicting reports around the traps. The last-used mode will be remembered and come on next time if you turn off and leave off for around 3 seconds. Changing modes involves turning on-off within half a second or thereabouts. Maybe the conflicting reports reflect the fact that the first versions did not have memory but that recent ones do. DX, where I got mine, certainly advertises memory but other sites do not or are ambiguous.
    The reflector is insanely perfect - highly polished and VERY smooth. DO NOT do what I did and try to ‘polish’ it further - the coat/polish of the surface is very soft apparently and almost any touching will put tiny scratches in it. Fortunately additional reflectors can be had from DX (sku 47996). I may try to mod my ‘scratched’ reflector to see what I can do with the beam.
    DX also carries a 75 mm Optical Glass Lens (sku 43044) which supposedly works in this light with reflector removed and I have one of them on order to check it out.
    The switch is a reverse clickie and nicely positive. The DX version comes with a spare switch, 2 spare body O-rings, a spare glass ‘lens’ and a spare large O-ring for what I am not sure. I point this out because there are quite a few sellers of this light and you may not get the same ‘package’ from all of them.
    Just 'brilliant' even if it cost more
  • EA4 Clone

    posted by OldLumen

    This light is "sort of" an EA4 clone. It uses the 4AA format, but runs on 14500s. It has been priced to compete with the EA4. Overall it's on a par with the usual trustfire quality. If you like to mod, the pill can be removed and it's got a little more meat than the EA4 does. Output is about even with the EA4 on high (not on par with the EA4 turbo).
    Consider this is just a light sale, the batteries are poor quality, low performance and the charger is total junk. The worst one I have seen and it was busted when I got it. Poor quality of inner components made it fail. DX, sell us just the light for $25-$30 and it's a good buy that way.Here's my review comparing it to the EA4:http://budgetlightforum.com/node/21964
    It's not worth the price, considering the price of the Nitecore EA4. At $25 or $30 for just the light, it would be a good price and let us pick our own charger and batteries.
  • SKYRAY XY-600

    posted by jpjmaas

    I have purchased the Flashlight because I needed a portable lightsource on location that can lit a big area (instead of a huge range). It says 8000 lumen on the side while it says 6000 lumen online, but I think 6000 lumen is even way too high! The good thing is it's made of very solid aluminium and ideal for people with big hands, also the button in the metal handle works fine. Can send sample pics of the beam eventually.
    The price is great for the flashlight, but customs in your own country (in this case the Netherlands) can charge you BIG time for importing it. After I purchased it, I did found a store in the Netherlands that sold it for only $10,40 on top of the $ 98,30.
    It's a great flashlight, but not as bright as the 6000-8000 lumen which is advertised and printed on the side of the flashlight. Also customs can spoil the fun BIG time (always order accu's and charger separately of the flashlight since the total amount of the order will be used to tax as a whole package!!).
  • Perfect for this price

    posted by EpRoM

    +Ultra Clear glass lens, Smooth and clean aluminium reflectors. I have never seen this features at this price level. +Perfect machining work. Every part contacts flawlessly. +Unique design. +Take longest 18650s with no problem+Driver modes consume 1580mA on High, 800mA on Medium, 180mA on Low +10500lux @1m (not bad for 3 small reflector and underdriven xm-l's)+Texas Instruments LM358+Vanilla White Led chroma
    *I have bought lots of flashlight at this price range but this flashlight is perfect.*Very good designed host. I want to buy the host alone and use xp-e or xp-g neutral whites for more throw capability.
    For this price no one can be disappointed.


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