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5 cree 1 mode Customers Reviews

  • Great value to performance ratio

    posted by zoo9guy

    Very bright, not cutting edge, but plenty bright for 99% of the people. I took apart a few old lap top battery packs and they were full of 18650 batteries...I needed a inexpensive flashlight that could used 18650's and ordered one of these RUSTU R01-Q5's and it really performs well.
    I plan on using this in a bug out kit, but will first use it for a month or so.
    I plan on ordering a dozen of these for my family and friends
  • good lamp

    posted by santeri000

    The flashlight is very powerfull, I have 2 other flashlights but they don't even come close. I tried the flashlight outside and it is still very bright over a "great" distance (approx. 70 metres). The build of the flashlight is very solid.
    A perfect light with lots of power. It would be even better if the battery would be included. Buy this, if you want to impess, on a small torch.
  • Great Package

    posted by Robert

    Bright :)I own a bunch of LED Lamps, this is by far the brightest one.Amazing what it can delivery out of the 18650Flood to Spot works really well, i can use it with one handSpot is in the shape of the emitter, for me no con, because this way it throws really well over large distances
    Havent tested the 3xAAA converter
    Great light, i recommend it
  • amedar

    posted by amedar

    I use a lamp already half a year! It is very happy. Thanks to such reflector the spot is a little wider. Range of a luminescence certainly strikes. Very far shines. The accumulator holds enough. Certainly, at active use, I would buy one more accumulator but while also it suffices. The case is heated poorly owing to the sizes and the cut-out edges near the lamp head so for long work is suitable.
    It is necessary to think after all making so that function and memory of the last mode was supported.
    So, conclusion:The high-quality case convenient and pleasant lying in a hand. Brightness sufficient in order that all your acquaintances it is universal wanted to buy to itself same.
  • Powerfull, yet cheap flashlight.

    posted by Ketse89

    * Cheap.* Very bright light.* Adjustable lens.* Small.
    The product specs says circuitry 2500mA and runtime 2h, which can't be true since it would require atleast 5000mAh battery. But there is no such battery in 18650 size.
    If you need powerfull flashlight but aren't willing to pay much for it, this is perfect for you.

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