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5 ceramic knife

You will be surprised our best 5 ceramic knife with an artful design and an amazing price. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. 7 ceramic knife or ceramic knife green contains many hot and popular products. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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5 ceramic knife Customers Reviews

  • Cheap Ceramic Knife

    posted by Sharpened

    -If you don't live in the US then, this knife is very cheap-Its a real ceramic knife (longer edge retention, no metallic smell, can't rust)-Being a kitchen knife and all, it has a very high chance of passing through customs
    The potential is there since this is harder than the hardest steel knife.But this knife needs a little more work sharpening and overall for it to perform like its name brand ceramic knife couterparts, you need to spend more.
    It can SLICE well since its sharp enough for that. But might not be able to fast chop like a brand named Japanese knife.Its like buying a generic knife only that this is made out of ceramic.
  • Kitchen Ceramic Knife Set

    posted by kkkrastevrz

    Very good knives. Beautiful design. Good workmanship. I got these knives you ordered more than one year and am very happy with them. But after long use are not so sharp, but unfortunately I can not find a sharpener ceramic knives. This was compelled to order another set. I would be much obliged if you offer me such a special sharpener for ceramic knives.
    As we have noted above, I would be very grateful if you offer special grinder.
    Thanks to D? for the rapid and accurate execution of the contract.
  • Very good, long ceramic knife

    posted by ff3796a1

    They are very sharp, just as indicated. I have been using them for chopping veggies and fruits and find them extremely useful. Pretty well made. The nice box could made it a very good gift. Also the unbeatable price you can't get it anywhere else (could be 4-5 times more expensive from department stores)
    Buy it. Its not expensive, and you'll probably use it someday. Its something that's good to have in your kitchen, cause... you never know.
    A great of knife you ever want and you ever get for this price
  • Very good

    posted by ninnys89

    These knives are absolutely perfect for everyday use. They cut soft vegetables and meat with precise accuracy and when you're done you can just throw them in the dishwasher without having to worrry about ruining them. They have fun and uplifting colors and they're easy to keep in the kitchen drawers because of the sheats. They also have a very comfortable grip, and the price is amazing.
    Would not use them on frozen meat and would be very careful bending the blades (as I would with any ceramic blade) as it may brake.
    These are definetly the best knives I've ever had and I highly recommend them - also as a gift.
  • very stylish and good quality set!!!

    posted by grazium

    Very good knives. Good workmanship. I got these knives you ordered more than one year and am very happy with them. The stand makes a great addition, having a specific place for putting these sharp knives is a good thing. These are very sharp knifes, they cut through just about anything(except bones-these damage the blade). The ergonomics of the handles are nice.Sharp blades -Extremely cheap for what you get -Nice container box set
    nice knife set, if you need and/or want a quality set of ceramic knifes, & don't want to pay a premium price, then this is the perfect set of knifes for you. Rapid and accurate execution of the contract
    I recommend this product: Nice purchase, you will not found any better for the same price.


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