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5 balls Customers Reviews

  • Nice product

    posted by ianni

    It smells really good and the price is worth of it. With a couple of them you can use as an ornament. I will certainly buy more.
    Take care with small children, because the balls are pretty small (about 2,5cm)...and not to loose them.
    It is a simple product, there isn't so much to talk about.
  • Charming and funny

    posted by johnnypaypal

    Nice glowing light in dark room.Magical and charming appearance.Large ball and many sparks.Mains operated.
    I was dreaming for such lamp from over 10 years. The one I saw then was smaller but brighter. This is fulfilled dream, but unfortunately promised "sound control" doesn't work in my ball... It not react to external sound and even to that awful internal melody (IMHO).
    Maybe good idea to buy this lamp just to see how it works. Hope your will be received undamaged, if not - repair is not so difficult.
  • ?omfortable gel pen stylus.

    posted by mk2002

    Comfortable handle length. (There was a similar handle, but half as long. Was not easy to write). Suffice tightly locked, no problems with loss cap.The gel rod writes well. Function stylus performs at 100%
    You can buy for use as a stylus.
    In general, a good pen stylus, to use mainly as a stylus or occasionally take notes.

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