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4w warm white lamp

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4w warm white lamp Customers Reviews

  • Nice led light for it's price.

    posted by Jedike

    Very nice led light, the light output is very good compared with the original non-led light version I replaced.A tip would be not to go under 250ml if not used as a sfeerlicht. I have used on as a replacement in a group 3 lights and (1 led and 2 others) and the difference with before is minimal.
    I don't know if dimming with a regular dimmer is possible, but I guess it can be tested.
    Good replacement light to save money and energy.
  • Excellent price-to-quality ratio

    posted by ogi28b

    This is a good-to-buy item, if you are planning to save energy by replacing old dichroic GU5.3 20W lamps, or just have a burned out one that need to be replaced. It's so simple to use - just plug-and-play, no matter the direction. It has a built-in AC to DC transformer. The light is a bit whiter and brighter, compared to branded standart dichroic 20W and also it is a little bit wider, compared to 36 degree dichroic. At 2.6 m high, the spot is about 2 meters in diameter. I don't have any 35 W to comapre to.
    The heat dissipate body look good. Big surface.
    Very useful, low-energy, suitable for bathroom, corridor, hallway, vestibule. A must-buy!
  • So far this is the first decent one that I get

    posted by TZITC

    Initial order was 12 w with the same lm but they emailed me saying they have 4w with the same lm asking me whether to get it. I replied if same lm I will get it so they send me 3 led bulb that I ordered. Well it is used as wall lamp brightness is not as bright as I want but can do the job
    I would prefer led bulb with better performance in lm. To encourage the sale 2nd and thrid units should give discount.
    Price is a bit high and lm could be higher to increase the performance.
  • Great replacemants for regular halogen bulbs

    posted by emesinovic

    Build quality and design is great. Protective glass is big plus.Color is more like 3700K not yellow/white or super cold white, this is for me right color temperature.Packaging was practical with aditional hard plastic folio shield. I have received package with all paper box damaged but lights where intact and all functional
    Dimensions are almost a same as regular Halogen GU10 bulbs. I didn't have any problems to fit.
    Very bright LED bulbs. I will order few more peaces to have spare. Till now (two months) I didn't have an failed units
  • Warm and ellegant

    posted by GGG9888

    Very good build in aluminum, very good wired and assembled in this proper box. These lights are specialy useful in roofs as interior house complementary illumination. Its not a generic blueish LED lamp. It's a real warm temp colored lamp that enhances the natural color of the room without put in panic your eyes.
    Buy it just now !!!!
    Good kind of light if you are planning put the light inside a room, combined/mixed with another kind of lights. Special use of it is for decoration. Please don't think that is a massive lumen. In my room i put 10 units inside the roof for a proper illumination.

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