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4w warm white lamp

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4w warm white lamp Customers Reviews

  • Bright - very bright

    posted by gsbbros2

    Perfect fit and size. It comes in good carbon box with additional protection to the led portion. Very bright (should really get to 180lm...) and warm as 2700k!
    Very bright and good to replace 25w halogen bulbs by saving a lot of energy/money.If you have the 12v adapters available than it is a perfect solution. Seems to work in AC and DC. No +/- side identification in the lamp. I tried both ways and it worked.
    I recommend it. If cost down to 2.5 or 3 USD would be perfect as you still need to by the led driver or 12v AC adapter. Same size as conventional halogen bulb.
  • The most warm LEDs

    posted by Alc0r

    These lamps are really good. They have nice build quality. The emitted light is strong and leaves you a warm feeling. They work perfectly without any noticeable flaw.
    I will order more of the same kind in case I need replacements, but I think I won't need replacements for a long period of time.
    I will recommend these lamps to anyone who wants a warm LED light. They work good and you will enjoy them!
  • Excellent price-to-quality ratio

    posted by ogi28b

    This is a good-to-buy item, if you are planning to save energy by replacing old dichroic GU5.3 20W lamps, or just have a burned out one that need to be replaced. It's so simple to use - just plug-and-play, no matter the direction. It has a built-in AC to DC transformer. The light is a bit whiter and brighter, compared to branded standart dichroic 20W and also it is a little bit wider, compared to 36 degree dichroic. At 2.6 m high, the spot is about 2 meters in diameter. I don't have any 35 W to comapre to.
    The heat dissipate body look good. Big surface.
    Very useful, low-energy, suitable for bathroom, corridor, hallway, vestibule. A must-buy!
  • Good deal

    posted by 6666666666

    Though it sys to be AC12V, this is working exactly same way than those which do not mention AC or DC. I drive this bulb with normal led driver along with 39027 MR16 leds I purchased from DX. This says to be 400 lumen, the others are 360 lumen. This is slightly whiter and brighter than those 360 lumen ones, so lets see in a long run does this last as long, so to say, is this over-powered to gain more lumens.
    By now the best MR16 led I can find, time will tell how long it will last due to higher lumens.
    Recommended when need lots of light. I have 8 of these to light up the kitchen's work space. One led would be enough for a student's desk light.
  • Does not give as much lught as expected

    posted by Grijan

    * Really cheap, specially compared to local alternatives.* Very small. In fact, smaller than 25-40 W. incandescent bulbs.
    Good for use at secondary locations (kitchen, bathroom, entry porch...). Its low light and strange color doesn't make it fit for the main places of the home (living room, bedroom, hall).
    Cheap, but doesn't meet the specifications promised. If you understand the cons, it can be a good buy.


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