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4w smd e27 Customers Reviews

  • LED with IR for safety and economy

    posted by mabiteam

    First it is an LED bulb, much more environmental friendly than low energy bulbs and even need less energy than those. Second it is a 3200k warm white light, perfect for a staircase or a corridor.Third it is a perfect energy saver for places where people always forget to switch off light when not used.Forth it can be a safety device if persons have the bad manner not switching on a light when going to toilet at night.
    Switch off after last detected movement is after1min 45sec.
    I have a 4W and a 6W installed, and I plan to order more after a trial periode of 9 months.Normally they should last much longer, but this has been promised by the expensive low energy bulbs too, but does not work in my house nor at those who I know.If both pass the lifetime of 9 months, the above mentionned advantages are worth to buy more of those. And meanwhile I hope that LED gets cheaper.
  • nice bright light

    posted by bvvroyal

    Small lamp, but very bright. I use in garden lightning. Provides instant light source also in cold temperatures. The SMD's are nicely protected with a plastic cup.
    Cheap, but very disappointing about the quality of the driver. I would go for an other make.
    Small and bright, but poor quality.
  • Not as bright as expected

    posted by Kidonneke

    Quite small, smaller than a regular bulb.Quite bright for it's size.Attractive looking.
    I think it's more around the 700-800 lm range. A little less bright than a 60 wattt incandescent. It seems very useful for small enclosures, although I'm not sure if the heat would get too high.
    Usefull for spaces that need reasonable illumination, not a replacement for 60 watts.
  • Great replacement for GE #20641 halogen curio bulbs!

    posted by itsnorm

    Very compact design, bright light, minimal heat, dimmable (in my specific unit, anyway)
    These light bulbs are a perfect replacement for "GE Lighting 20641 35-Watt Halogen Curio Lamp MR16". We installed two of these into an exhaust fan over our kitchen stove. Having a precise fit was important because of the way the exhaust unit was built. This worked great! (Full disclosure: I had to slightly pull on the center contact in the socket to make it stick out more and make contact with this bulb. This is probably only needed for my particular application.) Our exhaust fan unit has an electronic two-level dimmer, and both settings work great with these bulbs!
    For the same price as the heat-generating halogen incandescent bulb, we are now getting great light above our stove with minimal electricity usage.
  • Cheap and simply Lightbulb

    posted by Radast

    It is cheap and fairly glowing bulb, which is approximately the same size as normal. 24 SMD LED is giving relatively strong white light that enough shine good in small and medium rooms. The design is simple.
    After approx. half year of repair this bulb is still work.


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