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4gb usb 2.0

If you want to purchase 4gb usb 2.0, this is your best place to buy it. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. You can also browse usb 2.0 adapter and usb 2.0 card. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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4gb usb 2.0 Customers Reviews

  • Great USB Stick

    posted by khaz0r

    Great USB stick. It looks good, feels good, and transfers pretty fast. It does everything i want a usb to do and it also looks great. The back and sides of this usb stick is shiny chrome and the light on the front is a small green light.
    build quality for this product is very good. not much else to say, everything else has been covered i guess.
    overall this is a great product. works well, it is inexpensive, and most of all it looks great and feels great!if you are looking for a stylish 4gb usb stick, id really advise you to get this one. it is AWESOME! +1 from me
  • Usefull and beautifull

    posted by jljovano

    It is red (it is for my wife and she loves red)
    It is so small, dont think it can be smaller
    It is working well. Fast, easy to plug.
    It is well protected, just turn the key.
    It is very, very pretty ! Looks far better than on photographs. It shines, and the finition is perfect.
    The cord is pretty too; and it seems strong.
    Even the little box with magnet closing is nice !
    T'was for a gift, and i'm very, very pleased with it. It is very pretty, a nice little necklace. And it is a perfectly working 4Gb USB Key.
    DX really have some wonderfull items, this is one of these !
  • Nice thing

    posted by KubaPL

    This USB Memory Stick is just amazing. It's on my keychain with all my keys, and it's like it isn't there :pWorks great and does have his memory (4GB). The price is really good for that product (In Belgium it costs at least 3-4 times more). Data transfer works good and works fast so You don't need to wait ages to get some files copied. Bottleopener works, and doesn't break the usb stick.
    Great product that looks good with Your keys and works how it should.
    The usb stick is a bit heavy, so it feels like a real orginal one. For those who need memory everywhere and for those that have much keys, this is it! Buy now ;)
  • good

    posted by alicebmrocha

    It is a adorable product and is as small as it shoud be. Is not big and feat in my purse. it coud be a keychin but is not.It is lovely and good to use
    i LIKE THIS PRODUCT and I think you will like it tooI think it shoud come whit a line or wire to connect to key, ou to hold on to.Anyway I like it
    I enjoy this product becouse it is fun and usefull, that way a think all users will like it to
  • Very cool!!

    posted by KatyaVB

    Pendrive very beautiful, fast, well finished!
    Gorgeous! Perfect! Very well finished, fine texture, and the details are perfect finishing material is very pleasant to touch. The colors are vivid and beautiful. The play is rich in detail and very nice to look at. The Finishing rubberized is so cool that makes you want to bite! LOL
    It's a great idea for this and for people who like to have different things.

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