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  • Good light for work in studio

    posted by Toxoplasma

    Easy to use bright light, gives uniform illumination. Very lightweight. Can be used with soviet stereo microscopes as circular light (I don't recommend this usage but the possibility exists). Works good with sigma 50mm F2.8 lens. Comes with AC adapter.
    Ideal when you need to make a lot of uniform macro photos (insect collections for example).
    ?asy and bright light for use in the studio/lab as macro light. Worth the money.
  • Smallest E14 LED bulb I've seen so far!

    posted by JayDee2011

    Really tiny; Smallest E14 LED lamp I've come across; Fits in a lamp housing where you don't have much room; Provides a LOT of light; Good value for money.
    This lightbulb basically consists of a E14 socket, a PCB with some electronics + the LEDs on it, and a transparent, plastic cap to cover all. This cap is mounted on the E14 socket by means of screw-thread. Mine was a bit loose when it came out of the packaging. As it is plastic, you don't want to tighten it too fast and take a risk in breaking it. If it's not tight enough, and in a later stage you want to remove the light bulb from the socket holder, it can occur that you don't remove the entire bulb, but only un-screw the plastic cap while the rest of the bulb stays inside your socket older... If you just keep this in mind when installing/removing the bulb, you'll be OK.
    This is the smallest E14 LED lamp so far... and for a good price too! Quick quick, let me hit the Buy button once more!
  • Very good light but starts to flicker

    posted by fringex

    - Very good for lighting persons for close ups at night
    - Easy to use, just an on/off switch
    - Nice filters in a little booklet
    - Not heavy at all, so you can easily use it on your camera without a tripod
    When using it, take a pack of AA batteries with you, so that you can film, shoot, whatever with no flickering!
    Very good LED panel for filmmakers with a low budget! The price is okay and it does what it's supposed to do.
  • Brighter than expected.

    posted by luvasu

    Believe it or not, but I shave myself under the light of three of these bulbs (side by side in a row over the mirror). I switch only one bulb when using the bathroom or shower; to shave, I switch-on the other two.
    Overall, I've got a better product than expected. SIX units bought up to today... and probably more in a short future.
    I planned a change of low consumption bulbs (those with a light tube inside) in all of the house due to the contens of mercury in those tubes. DX LED products are a big help to this purpose. They are great to "slim" the electricity bill.
  • Great little lamp

    posted by Jaaap

    - Very bright, brighter than the normal incandescant light or sku.18508 for example.
    - Very sleek so the width won't be a problem when fitting this to your car.
    - Low power draw: about 140mA (1.8W)
    This is a great lamp if you want a bright one that doesn't draw a lot of power.


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