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450 rc helicopter

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450 rc helicopter Customers Reviews

  • Buy if you are new with CP or FP heli

    posted by aadje1993

    Looks good, very strong material, cheapest thing i bought here XD
    I think everybody with a RC heli (exept coax) need this product, I fly 3D, but still use it to test new Gyro/motor etc
    Just buy, Will save you from alot of costs for stupid beginner faults (like mine, not tail but yaw for controlling tail) :(, costs me another 20 bucks on broken stuff)
  • It's not Carbon Fiber, it just plastic!!!

    posted by KirVKV

    It's 450 FLYBAR PADDLES PLASTIC!!!Quite a low price.Paddles weight is only 11.56 grams for pair.
    Required edge treatment of the fin, and balancing. In my view the attachment thread look sickly. The edges of the blades should be clean before use, using the finest abrasive cloth with water.
    Most likely, the choice for a temporary replacement after a failed landing.
  • Stronger than I thought

    posted by ZdenekJi

    This battery has everything you would expect: Heat-shrink tube around it, silicone-insulated wires including the charging ones, compatible charging connector with my E-flite chargers.This battery is only rated 15C, but it doesn't matter since it has higher capacity than the originals in its place giving sufficient permissible current.This battery gave me an additional time boost. I wasn't yet able to measure the exact total time, but from my voltage measurements, I dare publish this estimation:Original "1800mAh": 6:30Other "2200mAh": 10:00This battery: 12:00+ (extrapolated from half discharge).I just soldered a connector appropriate for my helicopter (EC3 female) and glued a loops-side of a Velcro to its side. The battery fits well in my Blade 400.
    A bit blind bet because of the dimensions. Incredible amount of energy inside.
    Double the flight time for only quarter the price of a regular battery.
  • Good quality

    posted by Fenki

    I bought this battery for my selfmade airplanes. Even after flying mostly full throttle (the motor uses 45 to 50 amps then), the battery doesn't get too hot.
    When they arrived, charge was arround 40 percent and one cell was 0.21 volt out of balance. After balanced charge and use, the battery stays quite well balanced.
    Since I build modells from scrap and my flying skills are not this high, I don't need "super-famous-high-quality-brand" batteries. The chance that they die because of a crash is much higher than the chance they're getting too old :-)
  • Seems pretty good

    posted by Techish

    O.K: it works! I got this to use as a brushless controller for a diy project: i wanted OVERKILL (probably 25A was going to do the job) and as this was cheap, and possibly close to 50A I got it. The BEC being separate to the main board was also appealing as I might be able to remove it and use it for something else.
    I am using this with the cheapy red 3Kv outrunner (http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.12828)
    Nice. I am using this with a servo tester to drive it, and it holds it`s settings after setting the throttle range at first. So far so good, but I am sorry I have no data as far as amps go: maybe 10amps max so far and it is stone cold.
    seems to be good for what I got it for.

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