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433mhz wireless module

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433mhz wireless module Customers Reviews

  • Excellent build, no manual or info

    posted by francoml

    Well BuildDont get hotAlmost plug and playFixed AntennaGood plastic body
    You need to discover drivers and files thru translation, all material in chinese.I didn´t got working yet...Should be a support file with manual, source cod example or compiled program.
    Really cheap, well build, but don´t know how to get working yet... I will install visual basic and discover all drivers, I thought it was a serial type of communication, but it uses .DLLShould be eazy to add a reference guide into this product.It seem to support development thru Windows or Linux, I didn´t found the libraries yet.
  • 433MHz Wireless Transmitter Module Superregeneration for Arduino, PIC etc

    posted by JMann1

    VERY CHEAP! very affordable. Has a 3v to 12v voltage supply level. Powering on a higher voltage should give more transmitting distance / power. I have not verified this yet but will be in the coming days. Worked strait out of the packet on the test bench. Very easy to hook up to an Arduino and use "VirtualWire.h" library to send DATA. Great Product. Also works fine with locally (JAYCAR) brought receiver "RXB1" totally compatible (As you would expect). The price is the best part. Get One!.
    All good.
    The bottom line is this is a great affordable product and takes a lot of cost out of your projects/prototypes. Good one DX. Recommended.
  • Good receiver for the price

    posted by AllgoodnameRgon

    Good quality for the price. It'll work at a nice range if you add an antenna (the place to solder the antenna is identified on the board).Also it is really small so it could be hidden if you wanted to.
    If you solder a 24AWG wire (10 to 15 centimeters long) to the ANT solder point (upper right corner of the board if you look at the picture on the product page), you'll extend the distance. I strongly suggest you do that, it's easy to do and takes about 10 seconds.
    If you want to make 2 arduino talk to each other wirelessly, get this thing and 149254.
  • Nice and affordable transceiver, but beware of pin header pitch.

    posted by talosds

    * It's a cheaper option than most development kits.* Features a decent antenna (and the possibility to solder an SMA connector and use a better antenna)* Can be easily used in hobbyist RC projects.* Based on the CC1101, a powerful, yet affordable IC.
    * Build quality is okay, but there are some flux leftovers on the PCB that may require cleaning.
    It's a nice, affordable radio transceiver, appropriate for both hobbyists and professionals alike. Not FCC certified, so not suitable for other use but prototyping and hobbyist projects.If having a pin header with a 2mm pitch is not a problem for you, then you should probably go ahead and get yourself a pair of these!
  • VERY NICE Transceiver!

    posted by markjeffery2012

    VERY NICE Transceiver, I tested this unit with a RS232 (max232) converter connected to my computer, and a PIC16 micro controller, and the results were very good! I did not test long range, but short range showed good results! The +5V was a major turn on!
    I LOVE THIS SMALL and COMPACT unit! I WILL BUY A TON MORE OF THESE!!!! The testing of the unit was very simple and EXCELLENT!!!!
    You wont be disappointed in this unit for the price! The parts on the board are top quality and you cant build it for this price! I was looking for a cheap and easy solution, and i found it!!! VERY GOOD PURCHASE!

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