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433mhz transmitter Customers Reviews

  • Good and cheap product

    posted by EdgarNeumann

    Cheap and good product.It comes with a battery installed in the transmitter unit and the receiver unit is connected to the flash unit or 100-240V outlet. You don't need another battery for the receiver.
    I tested it at a distance of 20 meters far and with walls between and it work perfectly. A wall normally block not strong radio signals.It comes with 2 kind of connection to the flash unit, so does not matter what kind do you have. For me, sometimes I work in another place where I will need the other adapter.The manufacturer think on our needs. Really good!
    Really a good product
  • 433MHz Wireless Transmitter Module Superregeneration for Arduino, PIC etc

    posted by JMann1

    VERY CHEAP! very affordable. Has a 3v to 12v voltage supply level. Powering on a higher voltage should give more transmitting distance / power. I have not verified this yet but will be in the coming days. Worked strait out of the packet on the test bench. Very easy to hook up to an Arduino and use "VirtualWire.h" library to send DATA. Great Product. Also works fine with locally (JAYCAR) brought receiver "RXB1" totally compatible (As you would expect). The price is the best part. Get One!.
    All good.
    The bottom line is this is a great affordable product and takes a lot of cost out of your projects/prototypes. Good one DX. Recommended.
  • Very useful for remote control

    posted by Nick17200

    I bought this set to use for Arduinoapplications . I realized this set for a short distance transmission temperature outside my house.In tests I had the pleasure to see that the transmitter goes up to about 100 meters ! The transmitter is stable and information transmitted without errors.
    The set is very useful in building automation and facility programs and small data measuring using Arduino
    Suitable for amateur builders DIY!
  • Good value

    posted by Dutchgirl

    It works well with my Canon 550D Rebel and a very very old flash, which I couldn't use on the camera because of the high voltage it generates. It's nice that is has an umbrella stand embedded, I might use a flash umbrella later.
    I still have to figure out how to get the battery out of the transmitter, it doesn't appear very easy...but perhaps it is.
    It's a cheap solution to use (old) flashes off-camera. Great!
  • The most simple way to use wireless communication

    posted by incyi

    They are cheap, for this price you can not buy any of these parts not just even the pcb.It's small it's easy to connect to a microcontroller or to a arduino. It works with 2 power lines (gnd and +) and 1 data line(data in or data out). You can also connect a antenna to get better performance.Well soldered. There is no problem with the soldering of these units.
    There are no examples for the arduino.
    You can use this tutorial for using these with an arduino:http://ninjablocks.com/blogs/how-to/7501042-adding-rf-433mhz-to-your-arduino

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