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This is our best 40w iron, they all share a great design and great prices. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.

40w iron Customers Reviews

  • Okay Soldering iron

    posted by HDC44

    -Price is good for what it is.-Get's the job done.
    The plug really slides out easily. There are few times where it fell out of the socket without knowing, until the iron stop working.
    This soldering iron is perfect for a "Do It Yourself" kind of person with a lot of patience. Buy it and play around with it when you have nothing better to do.
  • This is a very nice product!

    posted by JeX78

    It heats very fast and its power cord is long enough at least for me.Its temperature control appears to be precise (not against real temperature).Its body dont heat (and mealt) with the metallic part like some models sold here in DX
    The Clip Cable dont appear to be usefull and dont have any indication about his use (for non technicians).
    I hope that I dont need to buy another Soldering Iron too soon.Just going to buy better quality new tips.
  • Spare tip for soldering SKU 22 253

    posted by NICHYPARUK

    I bought these specifically for the soldering iron tip 22 253 SKU. Well come in size. Four types of packages: - Beveled tip - Screwdriver tip - A thick needle - A thin needle. SMD components to fit a "fine needle". For normal items you can use the "tip screwdriver." For soldering large items fit "beveled tip" During the work of the sting is not burnt, as happens with conventional copper tip, and not burnt in a soldering iron - goes well.
    These stings can not scratch, so wipe them with deposits, only use a special cloth or sponge pulp. They are on this site. SKU 4683
    All you need to solder it from scratch: -Soldering Iron SKU-22 253 -Spare tip-SKU 23 446 -Sponge for cleaning tip SKU 4683
  • Best choice for the price

    posted by NRay2803

    Warms up quickly. It takes about 90 seconds to reach 400°CHas an alligator clip to attach soldering tip to the ground - very useful when soldering sensible to electrostatic components (FETs, laser diodes, CMOS ICs etc).Temperature regulator with LED indication - when it reaches the target temperature, LED will blink.Also comes with a nice thin soldering tip, but you have to periodically clean it when it's hot (sku.34154 should be perfect for this).
    As I've mentioned above this is a lot more reliable than his "elder" 60W brother. Also there is no significant difference in power (both can hold the temperature stable at 400°C) and the warm up time is near the same. So if you don't know which one to choose - no doubt, this one is better.
    Still unbeatable price for this unit. Guess units above 40W will require better components and build quality. Also the internal circuit could be improved (higher hysteresis threshold to minimize thyristor load, switching losses and LED blinking frequency)
  • cool

    posted by Vorelul

    Soldering iron I bought this just because of his weak grip, because the finer work I need to hold the pen as a pen. I really holding up well and quickly heats up to operating temperature. I'm happy and length of the cable, which is 175 cm. Soldering tip is sharp enough even for soldering very small objects. Power 40W is sufficient for all the work in soldering circuit boards. I prefer soldering pen with regulation, but this very well served when they can do it :-)
    no comments
    For regular, occasional use very satisfactory

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