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4 usb power adapter

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4 usb power adapter Customers Reviews

  • No need for four seperate USB chargers

    posted by BAOWolf

    You don't need four separate USB chargers anymore when you have this. It will allow you to use one outlet to charge your devices and can be use overseas (requires connector converter). iPod devices recognize it and other USB devices will work. Blue LED above will change orange when it notice a device is connected to it.
    Use this when you're traveling and/or don't have enough outlets to charge all your devices. Great value from other devices I've seen.
    Recommend strongly if you have many gadgets needing to be recharged at the same time or you want to travel with one USB charger.
  • I won't be without this item!

    posted by jws755

    Charges everything, nothing fancy to go wrong, just plain works!! Red LED light is always on, never a problem, shows power to outlet.
    spacer between two USB ports broke, but it never affected function
    Order one.. or two. Your sister will want one for her car.
  • Powerful charger

    posted by Teyrtaos

    That's a very powerful charger to charge up to five devices with a total maximum output of 5A.The case is very well built and looks nice to me. It has rubber stands to avoid slippering.There is a power button and a blue power LED when it is turned on.The circuit board is very well soldered.
    Plug devices according to the indications on the case (2A or 1A) as the electronics aren't the same for these plugs.
    This is a very nice and powerful device to charge all my devices. Even with the small issues I would buy it again.

    posted by madhatter69

    the price is nice , not that cheap but nice . work fine with iphone 3 , 3gs ,4 ,4s and ipad 1,2 (3 i didnt checked )euro plug, the plastic look solid that is going to last .
    over all it is a nice buy but for it price you can get better .
    buy it only if you didnt found a cheaper one .
  • Can handle a lot of devices!

    posted by kinezo

    The amperage rating isn't fake. It can actually charge a lot of high powered devices. (I'm sure it can handle 4 iPads!) I was charging 3 devices at a time while traveling. An iPad, and iPhone5 and a Nexus 4. No problems!
    It does get a little warm when charging a lot of devices. Nothing to worry about but again, worth noting. There are very bright blue LED status lights that tell you which port is charging. I put this comment here because to some, it's a pro to others it will be a con (cause it's so bright!)
    Definitely worth the money, especially if you're traveling across Europe that have different plug types! Would recommend it in a heart beat, unless there's a similar product that doesn't have the buzz?!

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