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4 port charger Customers Reviews

  • Very good and dependable power supply

    posted by wvdv2002

    Very good power supply to charge different appliances at the same time.Some very good reviews on the internet, should be able to deliver 2,6A maximum. So it is over specification and not underspecced.
    should have indicated which port is suitable for which charging standard
    Buy it, it is stable, dependable and much better than crappy 1 dollar chargers.
  • Best Power Adapter ever

    posted by snakor2

    This Power Adapter is the absolute best one I own (and I own a lot...). First of all, you can hook up 4 devices that get charged simultaneously. That is great!And it has enough power! Many chargers take forever to charge an iPhone 4 because they don't have enough mA output. This one puts the full 500mA on each of the 4 ports! I can charge my wife's and my iPhones and iPads at the same time, quickly, without any problem.Also, it has 4 LEDs for each port. Once it changes color once a device is charging and once it is fully charged. So the charging status of all devices is easy to see with one glance.So: pros- charges iPhone 4s / iPad quickly- 4 ports, each with full power- 4 status LEDs
    This is the (almost) perfect USB Adapter. I'm ordering one for every iPhone user I know.
  • Works well! No problem at all!

    posted by franzli

    Does the job. Charges my iphone, my google nexus and my ipad2 all at the same time.
    Great for people who have more than 1 device that needs charging.
    Great product. Price is a little high but it charges properly!
  • No need for four seperate USB chargers

    posted by BAOWolf

    You don't need four separate USB chargers anymore when you have this. It will allow you to use one outlet to charge your devices and can be use overseas (requires connector converter). iPod devices recognize it and other USB devices will work. Blue LED above will change orange when it notice a device is connected to it.
    Use this when you're traveling and/or don't have enough outlets to charge all your devices. Great value from other devices I've seen.
    Recommend strongly if you have many gadgets needing to be recharged at the same time or you want to travel with one USB charger.
  • Very useful piece of equipment

    posted by jmartama

    Cheap and pretty solid build for this price. Good capacity, can charge a phone multiple times (depending on batteries of course, I use SKU 50486). Charges quickly with high quality USB cable (not included). Can be used to charge 4x 18650 batteries simultaneously. HAs a standard USB-connector so it can be used to power any USB-device. Can be charged with any charger with MiniUSB plug (or use computers USB-port). Has indicators for charge. Power indicator is a white led which can be used for a torch.
    Device also has a round connector, maybe for a different type of charger but it's hard to say without any manual.
    Does what it says. I thing anyone can figure out how to use it, even without a manual. Can be used in many purposes. Use high quality USB cable for charging, preferably the orginal one that came with your device.

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