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4 pin male female

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4 pin male female Customers Reviews

  • Indispensable for DIY Computer Builders

    posted by Jamoross

    Compatible with three-wire fans. Molded inline male end with retention tab.
    Clearly color-coded, but backward(?) on the unit I received. Doesn't affect operation since both ends are the same, but might be confusing if you aren't paying close attention. (Then again, most people might never notice and still be fine)Pinout: Pin 1 - Gnd - Blue Pin 2 - 12v - Yellow Pin 3 - Sense - RedPin 4 - Control - Black
    Recent motherboards often have extra fan headers and cases have controllable fans. Alas, when they aren't close enough together, you need an extension like this.
  • good for quick-connecting HDD externally

    posted by eadmaster

    - the data cable has a safe lock- the power cable is rounded and has extra shielding (good for external use)- the data cable has good shielding too- faster HDD connection since the connectors are joined
    - the end parts of the cable are made of a softer, "gummy" material (easy to cut if you need it)
    Useful for quick-connectiong hard drives externally, but make sure the cable length is sufficient (especially the power cable is quite short).
  • The age of legacy connectors is over.

    posted by Ibirapua

    It does what is supposed to do: most owners of modern PCs with decent power supply will get few or none legacy power connectors (the ones used mostly by IDE HDD Drives and IDE optical drives). So, you will be able to easily convert any SATA power connector to legacy IDE. This connector is pretty well done also with a very good finishing: no cheap feelings in this one.
    No matter how old IDE devices are, sometimes you will need to use or at least to test those old parts in your PC. So, buy it.
    If you need to plug legacy IDE devices in your modern new computer, you must have one or more of those near you.
  • it's about what is says it is: 4 female pins, 4 male pins....

    posted by mikeybravo

    Standard dupont cables... perfect for connecting between 4x male pins on an arduino, and connecting to 4x female pins on something else. Great for my project as i needed the extra length between my shift register and my LCD.
    40cm / 10-Piece Pack.
    Good product, all of them worked well.
  • Does the job but low build quality.

    posted by Paddan1000

    Works as it's supposed to do.Easy to connect to main board and fans.
    Apart from the cracked connector the product was all right. Hopefully other units are free from this defect.
    Good product if the quality issues could be redeemed.

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