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4 pin female

You can buy cheap 4 pin female from us. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. We recommend 4 pin switch, 4 pin sata as hot products. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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4 pin female Customers Reviews

  • Indispensable for DIY Computer Builders

    posted by Jamoross

    Compatible with three-wire fans. Molded inline male end with retention tab.
    Clearly color-coded, but backward(?) on the unit I received. Doesn't affect operation since both ends are the same, but might be confusing if you aren't paying close attention. (Then again, most people might never notice and still be fine)Pinout: Pin 1 - Gnd - Blue Pin 2 - 12v - Yellow Pin 3 - Sense - RedPin 4 - Control - Black
    Recent motherboards often have extra fan headers and cases have controllable fans. Alas, when they aren't close enough together, you need an extension like this.
  • Excellent quality cords

    posted by carbafx

    Good qualityIt has a good looking into my gamer cabinet with blue leds (bought it for that porpuse)The hook at the SATA cable that fits on the Mother Board works pretty good.You can not confuse the way the cords plug into the devices. It just goes in one way.
    It works for me like a charm.
    Good material. It is easy to plug and avoids pluggin to many times cords into devices on the computer. In one try you plugged two cords, Awesome!
  • Very good connectors

    posted by prOOwner89

    Very good qualitynice finish of the connector and cableeasy to soldersturdy connection from cable to connector (it doesn't feel like you are putting pressure on the connections from cable to connector when pulling on the cable
    I used it in the car so i used zip ties to keep male and female together because of the vibrations in a car. when you would use it around the house it wouldn't be needed.
    Get this if you are looking for something to make plug and play ledstrips
  • Cheap USB connectors

    posted by GeeJiiZet

    Quite cheap with only about 0.12 USD a piece, but they work fine and can be soldered to any standard dot matrix prototyping circuit boards.
    There are no markings which pin is which (VCC, D+, D-, GND), so make sure to double check the pin layout from external resources.
    These are the standard female USB 2.0 sockets you see on computers. If you need to replace one or need some in your DIY projects, these are cheap and suitable for that. I can't vouch for their durability, though.
  • Good connectors at a good price

    posted by AlekseyEnergo

    Good price for the unit, but it could be lower.
    Price is not the lowest but not very bad, found in stores less expensive options in the same capacity. So that is where the seller is level. It is still recommended to purchase as well as the low price is not common. And here it is well below Most of the competitors. Bent legs easily rectified with tweezers, so it's not terrible delivery, but you have to consider it.
    Good connectors at a good price

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