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4 pin connectors

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4 pin connectors Customers Reviews

  • Great Feel, Top Noth, Jus as good as Neutrik

    posted by discosnz

    Price - You will not find such a similar product cheaper! Quality - For the price you pay, its a fairly good build quality, Great for a permanent install. It mates well with other speakon connectors. Its a big and meaty connector, so will last a number of years. Easy screw in connectors, for once the are easy to access, and will hold the cable in well, in conjunction by the cable grabbing system
    Can be a little sticky at first, when unplugging but after some use, it should loosen up.
    For the price, Great product. Have started using in my PA system, saving some good money from buying from here. Does the exact same job as all those over priced neutrik brands.
  • Great Connector, Works Well

    posted by discosnz

    Quality, The solder joints are firm and well labled. Opens possibility for bi amping, with 4 poles!Mates well with other speakon type products. Has screw holes which will allow the product to be installed in a industry standard 1U rack. Strong, will last a few years to come!
    I brought these to install on my patch bay, and they are doing the tick!
    At these cheap prices, now is the time to upgrade your system to how pro connections, these in conjunction with other speakon products from DX can convert your system to PRO level in no time! And saving you heaps of moneys!
  • Almost the original quality

    posted by Ripmot

    Almost the same quality connectors as original Neutrik Speakon. Burr-free plastic, same connector as in the original. Compatible with NL4-MP NL4-MPR and other geniune speakon connectors. You can use for 1.5-2 square millimeter cables with wide range outer diameter.
    Absolutely recommended the price is a fraction of the original.
    Buy if you want a cheap alternative speakon connector!

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