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4 male to male Customers Reviews

  • Works to adapt SATA power to IDE

    posted by CanadaCG

    Very solid build. Works exactly as expected. Has been problem-free for me for well over 6-months.
    I use this device when I need to connect an IDE device to a system that only support SATA. I have used it to supply power to an IDE hard drive and also an IDE DVD ROM drive. (I use it in conjunction with SKU 706 - SATA to IDE adapter.) These two devices have allowd me to connect an IDE drive when needed becuase I didn't have a SATA one handy. It is bult very well, so I have no problem with many connect/disconnects as I use it as a testing tool. But it would work as a "permanent" solution as well.
    If you need an IDE style 4-pin power but only have the SATA-style power on your power supply, this device will adapt for you. Works very well and is solid. I recommend this device. Just note that it's long, so will require more space behind the drive you are connecting.
  • great for the price

    posted by frollard

    Really handy if you need to extend a low gauge .1 pin header for a servo or sensor board
    I needed to use it to connect some stepper motors to my 3d printer driver (RAMPS) board. They work but I don't know if they are high enough gauge for the current I'm running. Time will tell. If they're stalling out or missing steps I'll have to upgrade.
    You can't beat this price. Get six, you never know when you need a pin extension for your arduino sensors or other quick projects.
  • good for quick-connecting HDD externally

    posted by eadmaster

    - the data cable has a safe lock- the power cable is rounded and has extra shielding (good for external use)- the data cable has good shielding too- faster HDD connection since the connectors are joined
    - the end parts of the cable are made of a softer, "gummy" material (easy to cut if you need it)
    Useful for quick-connectiong hard drives externally, but make sure the cable length is sufficient (especially the power cable is quite short).
  • Good cable

    posted by dcd_11

    Very good product even if it is a very simple item. Cables are robust and well fixed to the plugs. The quality of the material is very good. It fixes well in both 3 pin and 4 pin-PWM fan headers on the motherboard and it can be used with 3 pin and 4 pin cooling fans.
    It is cheaper than a single extension cable, so use it even if you have only one fan to connect.
    Very good and cheap product. Very useful but please REMOVE THE SECOND YELLOW CABLE, it is totally useless.
  • Cheap and easy to use

    posted by pcgvansteijn

    - This cable is easy to extend your cables. I've used it for some powerfans for the computers I own.- Strong Build.- Package delivery is good.- Ordered Five of them, all were good.
    This is a must have for computer builders or anything else with hardware for a computer. Think i'll buy more if i needed it.
    I'll think the price can be cheaper, but overall it is a very good product.

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