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4 led tail lights

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase 4 led tail lights here and you can save money at the same time. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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4 led tail lights Customers Reviews

  • Bright and easy to install

    posted by ALBERTOBUNKER8

    3 led modes, 2 Laser modes, easy to mount on bikes seat-post. Really bright. It comes with batteries. It fels sturdy, and the laser is visible even in day light.
    It would be nice if it comes with another mount, just in case I need to swap bikes. It also comes with 2 rubber pieces to fit a variety of seat-posts.
    Seems like a good buy, it took me 10 min to have it ready to go on my bike. Maybe test it for a bit an then get a second one.Nice bike light, if you thing about the cost it really worth it.
  • Fantastic

    posted by Orelik

    First of all I choose this Light becouse it works not from battaries AA or AAA, but from a little tablet CR 2032. This makes Light very lightweight and you dont have to vorry, that on the seriouse shake of your bike it will fell off becouse of it's weight.It works in several modes: like stady lights or like a srobe and emmits red and wight signals.Easy to mount and easy to use.
    I enjoit every time I use it. It is very bright at night, but in a strobe mode it gives a very good visibility in daylight.Automobiles behing you will deffinitely see you even in a bright sunlight.
    Fantastic Light!
  • Excelent bicycle light

    posted by QueCito

    It is my second bicycle light. The first, which I hadn't been buying in DX, was very hight because it had two AA battery. When I got a sediment, it fell to the floor and it crashed.
    With this, the second, I don't have this problem because it hasn't big batteries so, I am sure that it will not fall.
    About the leds and the lights, it has a good distribution of them, because two point to the laterals and the others point to back. The light is enough so, I am sure that cars which drive behind me show me.
    It is a very beautiful and useful led bike light. I recommend it.
  • The "right" product but with some deficiencies

    posted by ssandel

    It is rechargeableIt projects a nice "laser lane" as advertisedIt has a nice red multi-LED multi-mode tail light.
    The bracket secures to the seat post using double sided tape and provided strips. This makes it more difficult to completely remove the bracket or to move it to another bike. I solved this by getting two units :-)
    OK product.
  • nice light

    posted by superorgasm

    nice bright light - mounts well and not your usual boring red light. Good for night time riding for safety will be sure to alert riders and drivers. Easy to mount without much trouble.. 5 minute install.
    Would be cool if they had a relay switch on and off to mount on handle bar
    not a bad set. Batteries last pretty long - i ride 2 hours a week and have had the same batteries installed and they are still bright after several months. Not a bad investment for the price.

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