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  • Best

    posted by Pruikki

    This one is amazing-Good build guality-Beatiful-Comfortable-fast and adjustable
    - Looks good and work good too. Nothing that i see wrong with it. Very Happy!Lights up as blue color. Has black matte finish and because that it is good for the finger to use non sticky no sweat.perfoms as wel as deathadder in my humble opinion.
    Great buy i Recommend this. good price good performance and happy owner!Great item fron Dx! thanks!
  • Excellent gadget!

    posted by joanange

    Fits perfectly on my iPad2. Connects seamlessly using bluetooth and typing experience is very good. Very well finished and seems to be very solid in any position it allows. It protects the iPad very well and unmounting is easy, but you'll not need to unmount the ipad since it allows to detach it from the keyboard and stand with a simple pinch on the center wheel.I tried it for several weeks now and am very happy with it!
    No USB cable for charging is provided, but not a big issue because all of us have at least one of the around :)
  • Good 315 Mhz remote

    posted by codreanulaura15

    The remote is good quality build in. I have been able to clone two remotes (see the video - as an example). The frequency is 315. I have cloned the remote from: http://www.dx.com/p/73407 and from http://www.dx.com/p/128007
    The steps to clone the remotes I found it here: Methods of operation1, Clear out code:Press LOCK and UNLOCK at the same time, two seconds later, LED flashes three times, Release UNLOCK while still pressing LOCK, press 3 times UNLOCK and it will be followed by a continuous fast blinking. Indicates that the remote control code stored was deleted.2, Duplicating (learning)Right Hands press original remote control A, and left hand press remote control duplicator A', 2 remote controls put together as close as possible, while pressing the remote controls two match button,(eg: A-A’,B-B’) three seconds later, LED indicator light flashes three times, followed by a continuous fast blinking. That's mean successfully copied.3, Recovery codePress A and C at same time , 3 seconds later, LED indicator light flashes three times, followed by a continuous fast blinking. This indicates that the original remote control codes have been restored.
    The product is ok, if you want a new remote, use this cloner to copy 315 Mhz remotes.
  • Very happy

    posted by Pjay7

    I have been able to tune this remote to the correct frequency for my car keyless entry system, program and can now use it to replace the old remote that didn't work well.
    Was happy that reading comments on the product helped me to understand ahead of time what I would likely have to do.This is much cheaper option than buying what looks to be identical product from a local supplier.
    Check what frequency you need before you buy, unless you have the equipment to measure the frequency on this and tune it.
  • 2 out of 3 worked

    posted by macaronic

    I really like that it's radio frequency as opposed to the sound frequency of other products.
    This was a test purchase. The remote has three buttons and triggers each keychain independently. I was hoping that remotes operating on the same frequency (SKU 124998 and SKU 149031) could trigger ALL the keychains so each family member could have a single remote and we would only need a single keychain for each car but this was not the case. Each keychain is specific to the remote it came with. This has it advantages in other cases but in my case it means I had to add a keychain for each family member.
    Good product but I recommend SKU 124998 instead.

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