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4 cree Customers Reviews

  • UltraFire D99 2 x Cree XM-L T6 1600lm 5-Mode White Bicycle Headlamp

    posted by vertaonovacki

    Impressive brightness. Made in a lightweight metallic casing, the set is compact, robust and lightweight. Lenses and clear, and the buttons are lit drive, giving the possibility to visualize even in the dark.
    The light has four intensities luminosities, and flashing mode. Even the weakest, yet is well lit in the dark.
    Optimal purchase. Recommend...
  • Description not correct

    posted by thebjorn

    Genuine Olight high quality product. One of the nicest AA-battery lights available. Smooth hotspot with good spill.
    A very nice AA/14500 battery light. Has low - mid - high modes and hidden strobe and 0.5 lumen "moonshine" mode. Powerful magnet at base of light so it can be stuck to metallic surfaces.
    Would have been a good deal if the pictured extension tube had been included. Less so since it was missing.
  • Amazing

    posted by gasbag11

    The amount of light is amazing.Very good build quality. Fit and finish are very good. It's also a very good thrower. Much better than expected. Will throw some light about 250 meters, yet still has plenty of spill light for up close.It is definitely not just a flood light as some have said.
    If it had 4 brightness modes and no flashing mode, it would be as close to perfect as a flashlight can get.A little cheaper would be a bonus, but it's worth every penny.
    If you need a light that is amazingly bright, buy it.Even if you don't really "need" it, but want to impress people, or your self, buy it. The "wow" factor alone is worth it. Highly recommended. :D
  • value for the bucks

    posted by inzane1000

    Really cool to have 2 diffrent crees in one house.Now i can really choose between raw flood light and battery life.The r2 is not super bright, but its awsome as an daily working light in daily use.The t6 seems as brigh as all my other t6 lights and i really like this led, but its drains power much faster than the r2.I have not tested the battery life serioously in all the modes, but more light equals less battery life.r2+t6 is totally super bright, but seriously not that useful in daily use, driving either of the leds seperatly will do just fine in daily use, but its good if you really want to show off for your friends.only 3 modesworks just as good on your head as your bike
    One of my best buys on dx, really happy with this and i use it several times a week.
    just go for it if you want a good light
  • Seems like a good product

    posted by jv16

    This is a very bright led light. The mounting system seems solid (much better than those rubber o-rings) and has a quick release for the light unit itself, so you can easily detach the light when you leave your bike.
    The build quality of the frame of the light seems good for the price.
    Great value.

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