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4 ch rc Customers Reviews

  • Great toy for big Boys

    posted by ronelectronic

    It's really light and easy to fly, in fact this is my first rc airplane and the first day I crashed a million times, but at the second day I was already flying with it, it's really fun and when crashes on grass it doesn't break, when it crashes on harder surfaces it does brake sometimes but with some tape you are ready to go again
    Great great plane, I wish it had more battery life and that it comes with more spare parts, it's really easy to fix and i really enjoy flying it
    It's fast, so you need a big place with no trees and buildings, unless you want to crash it.
  • Absolutely Awesome!!!

    posted by worrab

    Just an astounding piece of kit. Not easy to fly well, but highly manoeverable. The remote range is great and has four different modes so that it can be adapted to suit your style.The helicopter flies astonishingly fast and is fortunately quite robust. It's quite stable provided you trim it correctly so hovering over one spot is perfectly attainable.It's quite a sizeable beast and seems strong enough for a wide range of conditions.
    It can be quite challenging to keep control and it really is not suitable for the under 10s. When you start to fly, don't under any circumstances apply full throttle - your helicopter will head upwards amazingly fast which might just result in a pile-up.We flew it in a modest wind without problems - just as in a real helicopter though, you need to take-off and land into wind.
    As the heading says, this is absolutely awesome - probably one of the best toys you could buy
  • Fun toy

    posted by snof

    *IT DOES LOOPINGS! Fully automated by pressing that "hover debugging button" in the subscription. You can even choose in which direction.*Small and light, so it can be used inside, even in a small room, won't hit very hard because of the weight.*Reloaded in just 30 minutes*Lights are cool!
    Really fun, cheap and easy to fly.
    Great gift
  • Hubsan x4 v2 - Excellent deal !

    posted by Neeeeeeeeeel

    It can fly inside.It can fly outside.It flys really really fast if you know how to fly it.It's very stable.You can learn how to fly it in about 1-2 days of practice.You can put a bigger battery (240mah original battery, it can fly with a 380mah battery) so it extends the funny time!Easy to calibrate the accelerometer.I'm so surprized about the auto-stability software that this toy has, it's so perfect.You can make 360º backflips.It includes an extra set of propellers.If you broke something, you can buy it separelly, you don't have to through away your quad.
    I'm so happy with my Hubsan x4 v2. It was a good deal.
    I recommend not to use the rotation channel if you are a beginner. At least until you fly it well and you don't crash it always...
  • Fun little helicopter

    posted by damemalov

    Excellent little RC helicopter, very durable fun to play with.It can withstand falls from at least 15m hight on pavement :).Great thing is that comes with extra spare parts.
    Excellent toy for a grown up. Fun for the whole family.
    Fun little helicopter. Very durable. Speedy delivery. Fun for the whole family. Highly recommended.

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