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4 ch led Customers Reviews

  • Great controller

    posted by prOOwner89

    - Very solid material for the receiver- Handy slide in plugs to connect your wires ( the block in which the wires are screwed can be removed easily from the receiver and thus enable you to connect everything without the weight of the receiver hanging down on the cables)- status leds on the receiver work very good (handy to check if your connections match the right color)-the transmitter has a very nice finish, glue or unfinisched edges noticable. The touchpanel works like a charm (i hate pressing buttons on a standard remote for led's, they always need much pressure to actually be pressed in).-Batteries last very long (for the transmitter)the fact that the transmission of the signal is done by radio frequency and NOT by ir means you get greater distance, better transmission and you can hide the receiver behind wall's etc.
    I built this into my car with an inline 10-30v to 12v converter to protect the led's and receiver and i haven't had any issues
    If you want a high quality good looking led controller, this is the way to go.
  • This Version 2 of the X4 is great!

    posted by bear123

    - this version 2 accelerometer is way better than the old X4!very stable take off/landing and fast maneuvering - very fast about 25 mph ( 40kmph) in a strait line and can shallow dive at about 35 mph ( 55kmph) - easy calibration of the accelerometer- fun- best for outdoor flight- charges fast- comes with a set of extra propellers - heavy for its size so it will fly outdoors in even 10kph winds no problem!capable of acrobatic flight and doing flips- easy to fly for beginner or expert!
    The accelerometer will go out of calibration every so often but it is so easy to calibrate. You simply plug the battery into the X4 and its LED lights will flash. You then turn on the remote control and once it binds and the LEDs on the X4 are solid you move the throttle/steering stick all the way down and to the right and while still holding that move the other control stick from left to right quickly a bunch of times until the X4 lights flash once. Then its 100% perfectly stable again!
    I have the original X4 and this newer version 2 X4. This version 2 is easier to take off and land with the better 6 axis accelerometer. Also outdoors it can fly faster and remain more stable! You need to be good at flying RC quad copters to make this really fun experience but still if your a beginner this X4 V2 is easy to learn. If your a beginner train yourself in a larger outdoor space so you don't have any walls to hit! Also line up the quad so you are directly behind it and only use the throttle and yaw control stick (side movement, forwards and backwards) until you master moving around in circles. Only after you master those basics then start to incorporate the steering channel! That good advice to learners!
  • Nice but not much

    posted by akh78

    Cheap and quite configurable 8ch DVR. The only thing needed is the SATA hard drive - all other components are included.The DVR can be managed inline with RGB monitor and supplied USB mouse, online with special client software or via web browser.Nice packaging!
    Be carefull - there is only one channel in D1 quality. The others are CIF at max. So there is no need in good cameras with this DVR.Take note - the supplied client software asks for authentification at start. Default login/pass are admin/admin but manual have no any word about it.
    Nice package for home security. Just add SATA drive and replace one of supplied camera with better one - 600/700TVL to get nice D1 picture on channel 1.


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