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4 aaa Customers Reviews

  • Big and funny toy

    posted by Tenaro

    It is very big. It moves fast and reacts quickly to remote buttons. The eyes are made of powerfull blue leds that make a good effect on dark environments. It is well made
    It has a red mark in the abdomen, just like a real Tarantula
    If you like remote controlled gadgets you'll like this one because it is big, well made and works really well. If you don't like remote gadgets, you'll find it a curious toy to show to your friends
  • Battery storage case in nice color

    posted by jonatanson

    It is made from good material. It doesn't seem that it can break easily even when it falls, however I didn't tried to drop onto a solid surface. Lock is tight enough and I think it can be used for a long time without the risk that it will be wore out or broken. I like that I can store either AAA or AA batteries as well. I also like that more cases can be attached together, so you can keep more than 4 batteries on the same place, when you attach them together.
    I like it, I will buy more.
    Nice storage box for batteries to keep them on a protected place.
  • Perfect desk clock for the tech types

    posted by eaglexro

    - beautiful- highly readable- can power from either USB port or 4xAAA- intuitive controls- accurate thermometer
    If you have any weird quirks (like the display shutting off after a few seconds, 'waking up' after touching it or moving it around, and still with the correct time) try changing the inner battery (cr2303). Was very puzzled at first, thought it was defective.
    Definitely worth it.
  • Battery box

    posted by VasaX

    Fair price for 3 pieces of different colour.They can be fixed together. It's not useful for me, but somebody could use that (I can imagine if you have 3 of them in backpack, you can clip them together side by side and they will not crash to each other as you go... and so).Very simply, just put there 4AA or 4AAA and 1AA, and you're ready to go.Different colours are great, you can sort batteries by them (charged, uncharged...)
    Great, if you're using this type batteries (photographer, outdoor, camping,...) and you'll need store rechargables or carry them around, this is very useful.
    If you feel you need them, buy. I have third set (two other and this one), Im satisfied, great for storing and carrying my rechargable batteries and spare emergency alcaline batteries.
  • Good light, visible, lower quality

    posted by killamilla

    The backlight has an extraordinery power and is good visible. You´ll get a lot of rubberband, so that you can mount the lights nearly everywhere, even not just on a bicycle.
    Nothing else...
    For this price, the quality is OK, the product works.


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