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4 aa rechargeable battery

The perfect 4 aa rechargeable battery here to meet all your needs. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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4 aa rechargeable battery Customers Reviews

  • A great GENUINE Gsyuasa batteries

    posted by chicao77

    You can close your eyes and buy it. It's genuine and the charging and power quality remember my SANYO ENELOOP batteries. I use this for a Yongnuo and a Canon flash unities and they re-charge after shots at a closely time. I can't see any difference between shots.
    A great cape for these batteries will be great too. The SANYO ENELOOP are the best I have seem on this quesite.
    You can close your eyes and buy it ! A great price for GREAT batteries.
  • Melhores pilhas AA da Net

    posted by GadjetMoney

    - Excelente potencia- Boa duração- Ideal para comandos de consolas wii, carrinhos telecomandados e todo o tipo de aparelhos com baterias AA.
    Comprei primeiro o pack com carregador e pilhas e vi que valia realmente a pena e encomendei mais este pack de 4 pilhas recarregáveis.Estas pilhas são uma boa alternativa ás pilhas de 1.5v
    Melhores pilhas 1.5 AA disponíveis no mercado
  • After more than 6 months of use, they work great!

    posted by Marton

    These batteries are just great. They charge to more than 2100mAh, I use 2 of them a in an old 7MP Canon A560 camera, and OH BOY THEY LAST A LOT!!And they are definitely LSD as they hold up the charge quite well even after months of no use!A 100% QUALITY PRODUCT!
    Definitely recommend them.
    Buy them, you won't be disappointed.
  • Good Battery

    posted by Argorum

    Cheap recargable batteries. Can be use as you get out of the box. Nice package, avoid transport damages. The first recharge was very quick, i'm waiting for the next but it seems ok.
    Very good deal for a few dollars. Can be used in any recharger. Soported for every device
    Very good batteries for low cost. They can be used in any product like every normal AA battery. I'm looking fordwar to determine if they are for long use or not. Very good performance so far.
  • Best battery

    posted by SlavMix

    These are my go to choice for almost all our battery needs. The great thing about these and other low discharge batteries is they hold their charge when just sitting around. Similar to alkaline batteries while most rechargeable batteries are all but flat a month out of the charger. Tested a number of Eneloops after a year of regular use and on average their capacity was 95% of the original capacity or higher. All similarly treated from other brands had lost 10% of their capacity or more.
    The best batteries ive seen.
    Very good! Thank you dx!

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