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4 aa charger Customers Reviews

  • Good Product Low Price

    posted by Argorum

    The charger can be used with AA and AAA batteries. I'm using Rechargeable 500mAh Ni-MH batteries with this, and I didn't have problems so far. The charger has a red led light to show thasts working.
    Good product for low price
    If you're looking for a cheap charger for AA or AAA batteries this may be the best choice for that.
  • Product Excelent !!!!!

    posted by LHBI

    Excelent !!!!! the product is really excellent, it was what I was looking for !!!!! Perfect match for batteries sanyo enealop !!! great for charging the batteries for flash !!!!
    Very good !!!! I point out that you can buy this product you will be super happy !!!!!! Excelent !!!!! the product is really excellent, it was what I was looking for !!!!!
    OK !!! Product Excelent !!!!!I have nothing to add, really pleased with the product ...
  • This is a great deal!!

    posted by gabaumgartner

    The kit is very useful, it is very easy to use and the “plastic box” to keep safe the battery (AA) is perfect.>> O kit é bem complete e útil, muito fácil de usar e a caixinha plástica para guardar as pilhas é perfeita.
    The charger quality could be a little bit better, but nothing to be worry about… >> A qualidade do carregador poderia ser melhor, mas nada com que se preocupar...
    Nothing to say about this point, comments
  • Excellent charger

    posted by Sedai1

    - Strong, very good build quality. - 4 independent channels - Quite fast, charges 2 high-quality 2700 mAh NiMH's in about 2 hours. For me this is just perfect, because I think charging any faster than that may reduce battery lifetime and capacity- Doesn't have much features, which is a good thing. Less to go wrong. - Simple LED's - red when charging, blue when charging is complete. Very intuitive to use.
    When the charging is complete the batteries are really hot, which means this charger works very well - when the cell reaches full charge, most of the charging energy is converted to heat.
    Excellent charger. It's a must buy if you use NiMHs a lot. If you're about to order one, which you probably are, you might want to order some AA battery cases as well to keep the batteries in order and protected.
  • Great product

    posted by GIV1977

    It is build quite well, doesn't feel like it's made up cheap plastic. Comes with adapters so you can charge various devices with micro or USB output. good for phones and also tablets with larger batteries, large capacity - I think the price is justified.You can buy anywhere batteries AA and power supply any device.
    The cable adapter it's usefull. The box it's fantastic to carry on.The flashlight works verywell and it's usefull when you have to connect in dark sites.
    Good product, great for emergencies. Would buy again.


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