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4 aa case

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4 aa case Customers Reviews

  • Case battery

    posted by ezequielneto

    good product, excellent workmanship. Ease of use, providing organization and protection for your batteries. Very good if you have more than one set of batteries and can keep them sepadados and well packaged. hangs well, not opening with ease, not allowing the batteries to fall.
    fair price. One can connect one case to another. Good not to lose the box.
    recommend to all friends dx.com, excellent buy. I am very pleased.
  • Battery box

    posted by VasaX

    Fair price for 3 pieces of different colour.They can be fixed together. It's not useful for me, but somebody could use that (I can imagine if you have 3 of them in backpack, you can clip them together side by side and they will not crash to each other as you go... and so).Very simply, just put there 4AA or 4AAA and 1AA, and you're ready to go.Different colours are great, you can sort batteries by them (charged, uncharged...)
    Great, if you're using this type batteries (photographer, outdoor, camping,...) and you'll need store rechargables or carry them around, this is very useful.
    If you feel you need them, buy. I have third set (two other and this one), Im satisfied, great for storing and carrying my rechargable batteries and spare emergency alcaline batteries.
  • Really convenient

    posted by DrGreen

    Really convenient for rechargeable batteries. Plastic is made of nice quality so excellent for price! With that, you'll be able to sort your charged batteries from your discharged ones...
    Maybe bigger battery case world be useful in order to have a tidy desktop...
    A must have in order to avoid batteries everywhere!I don't know what more to tell you because it's only a case for batteries but go for it, it's not a rip off!!!
  • Great Batteries!

    posted by Spalf

    These are great quality rechargeable batteries. Great for use in all different types of devices. I use them in Camera's, mouse, keyboards all with great usage times. Comes with storage case.
    Get these batteries. Get cheap rechargeables for toys etc, however if you want batteries for higher consumption devices, these will do the job!
    Great batteries. You can't go wrong really.
  • Nice product

    posted by Kernel64

    Batteries hold charge for long time, the capacity is as declared or close acording to my experience. I did not measure it. The size is exactely right for my devices. They do not get too hot.
    The case is really handy. Thanks for that. Well see how many cycles they will last. Mesa thinks a lot.
    Its a good deal. Price is right. I´m satisfied. Its a perfect choice for walkie talkies, receivers, controllers, RC toys, older cameras with AA slot. Go for it.

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