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4 aa battery

You can find fashionable 4 aa battery at a low price. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. aa battery box, aa battery adapter may be more suitable for you. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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4 aa battery Customers Reviews

  • Easy to store batteries

    posted by dewittea

    Easy to store batteries used for camera but very good for other things.When you put them in a bag, the positiv and negative can touch and it is not good for the battery. They warm up and that can be dangerous.We can see the type of battery easyly.
    Now I can take the batteries in my pocket without problem.You have any problem with the weather, the batteries are well protected against the rain.
    easy to attach the 3 pack together.I certainly buy some extra in few time
  • Good Battery

    posted by Argorum

    Cheap recargable batteries. Can be use as you get out of the box. Nice package, avoid transport damages. The first recharge was very quick, i'm waiting for the next but it seems ok.
    Very good deal for a few dollars. Can be used in any recharger. Soported for every device
    Very good batteries for low cost. They can be used in any product like every normal AA battery. I'm looking fordwar to determine if they are for long use or not. Very good performance so far.
  • Work ok for phone charging. And light ":)

    posted by hevgen

    Small price.Universal USB socket allow to charge any phone with +5 V input using your own cable.No integration of cable make it more compact.Long lighting expected because of 4 AA batteries using.Switch save power if charging is not needed now and allow to store batteries in the power bank.
    Would be good to have the switch more deep in the body to protect from occasional power on.
    Good gadget for "back-up" charging of the phone.
  • Exelent rechargeable LSD batteries

    posted by Lanmix84

    Great price for set of four batteries. They came charged and were ready to use out of the box. Fits my Canon flash light EX 430 just fine. They last long in my flash light. I am very satisfied with these batteries.
    I bought three sets of these batteries since i use my flash light a lot so i need to have a spare. I hope they will last long :)
    Great product. If you need good batteries - these are must have!
  • Great batteries, buy it!

    posted by Assato

    - Very good build quality- LSD (low self discharge)!- Good capacity (for LSD). In my case, tested with a BC-900 and charged at C1/4, capacities (after 4 charging cycles) were: 2.07, 2.01, 1.98, 2.10 Ah. It is advertised as 2 Ah min., so this seems to be correct.- They come pre-charged, so it's ready for use. They are pre-charged with about 50% of the capacity though, so I'd still recommend charging to full before using.- Good price for LSD batteries- Charged at C1/4, the batteries don't get hot at all (just a little warm). Charger gets slightly hot, but the batteries not so much.
    If you compare this with other brands, you might find brands that are cheaper and have higher capacity. However, remember that these are LSD, and that when compared to other LSD batteries, there are actually quite good ;)
    If you need LSD batteries, buy these. They are probably the best LSD batteries on DX!

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