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4 aa battery charger

This is our best 4 aa battery charger, they all share a great design and great prices. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.

4 aa battery charger Customers Reviews

  • Product Excelent !!!!!

    posted by LHBI

    Excelent !!!!! the product is really excellent, it was what I was looking for !!!!! Perfect match for batteries sanyo enealop !!! great for charging the batteries for flash !!!!
    Very good !!!! I point out that you can buy this product you will be super happy !!!!!! Excelent !!!!! the product is really excellent, it was what I was looking for !!!!!
    OK !!! Product Excelent !!!!!I have nothing to add, really pleased with the product ...
  • The strongest batteries I ever had!

    posted by elcmusic

    The STRONGEST batteries I ever had! They last for days in my Digital camera, They last for weeks in my wireless microphone and in my Professional MP3 recorder.And they have a very FAST (short) charging time!
    no Other Thoughts.
    If you want EXTRA GOOD, strong and very long lasting batteries, especially for high energy consuming products, such as Digital cameras, wireless microphones, MP3 recorders, and such, And if you want batteries you can trust, with FAST (short) charging time then these batteries are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • Good Charger

    posted by scolate

    It's easy to use and charge all types of AA batteries.I use it with several trends of batteries and works fine.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Should bring the UE plug.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Good price. Maybe it should have better chargers.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Great - practical tool

    posted by mevlutdeveli

    Great tool, can both charge 2 size batteries. When you plug it, the red light shows the battery being charged. The foldable part makes it easier to carry or store. Used more than a month, works without any problems.
    Very compact and useful. A Good charger. maybe could be a bit cheaper, but worth the money anyway.
    A Good charger. maybe could be a bit cheaper, but worth the money anyway.
  • This is a great deal!!

    posted by gabaumgartner

    The kit is very useful, it is very easy to use and the “plastic box” to keep safe the battery (AA) is perfect.>> O kit é bem complete e útil, muito fácil de usar e a caixinha plástica para guardar as pilhas é perfeita.
    The charger quality could be a little bit better, but nothing to be worry about… >> A qualidade do carregador poderia ser melhor, mas nada com que se preocupar...
    Nothing to say about this point, comments

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