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4 18650 Customers Reviews

  • Works well, for a while

    posted by fuzz2050

    This light is very bright, easy to use and mounts quickly and securely to any bike imaginable.
    I wish it were more reliable.
    You get what you pay for. If this light were more reliable, it would be excellent. As is, it's annoying and potentially dangerous.
  • Great light and $140 less than the real thing

    posted by LouisW

    - Amazing light output- well made for your money- dual switches are easy to use- no SOS or strobe mode- two batteries for longer life- design is easy to hold
    I don't spend over $20 for flashlights from DX but this was the first time I've seen a dual battery light like this one. It turned out to be a great purchase and is the brightest light I own. I find it easy to hold and has a mid reflector that is a good mix of throw and flood.I didn't have to do any adjustment to it and the light worked out of the box well. I did clean and lube the threads and that is all.
    Great light for home or car. Two large to carry around a lot. A real very high output light.
  • Good value

    posted by saabstefan

    Good value for the money. It is well crafted. Good headstrap. Light weight on the head. Fitting for bicycle.
    Turns quite warm on outside. Very fast flashmode. Temperature on the colour is a bit higher thean most other lights in same range.
    I sure recommend this light. It is cheap, and gives a strong nice light. The people who afford this probably afford loosing it if it gets stolen on bicycle.
  • B.r.ight.

    posted by frollard

    Magnificently bright. Unheard-of bright. wow. bright. Did I mention bright? When compared to my 1400 lumen video projector, it washes out the entire wall making the picture totally disappear, zero contrast. To walk all over a 1400 lumen projector beam like that is mind boggling.on/fade to low/fast strobe with memory is quick to turn on and off.
    Remarkably bright light, not too heavy, gets 'warm' is an understatement. I'd like an 18650 charger w/ 4 slots and potentially 4 batteries included, but what can you do eh?
    If you need a ridonculous light then get this flashlight.
  • Okay, I use mid power....

    posted by Sami72

    Powerful all weather light with rechargeable battery set. The light has been tested on rain and cold weather with no problems at all.Ecellent quality/price. I have ordered these five allready.
    Removing the light is easy and fast. Thumbs up!I have orderd five, one for me and four for friends. Here the same lights are three to four times more expencive. And for my 29er I think the second set would be good idea when going into woods.
    Most funny thing is that cars do switch lights in to low when passing by with this light and high is on. Battery last for longer when low is used and good solid 1,5h with high. But still the spare battery would be good Idea.... for longer trips.

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