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  • Best all in one screwdriver

    posted by psymandrake

    Common headsbright flashlight on front AND single LED flashlight on back to light up screwdriver tipcomes with batteries
    this will be nice to keep in my truck for emergencies
    I wouldnt use this on a daily basis because of shape and possible durability issues, but it is perfect to have around for small jobs and emergencies
  • Very nice flashlight, a little heavy but very good article in general

    posted by seocordero

    Good price, hight brightness, flexible batteries configuration, large-aperture beam.
    Perfect for everyday use, the possibility of using 3x AAA batteries or 1x 18650 battery is perfect for all kind of uses. I personally opted for 3 x AAA (rechargeable) batteries, given the occasional use I'm going to give.
    I recommend its purchase.
  • Great light for the Price

    posted by estoker

    Very Bright. The Clip works in both directions. You can change the modes by slightly tapping the button instead of clicking all the way off and on again. Case seems durable. Rugged self defense back end.
    I hope the slide focus doesn't get loose. I would have preferred a barrel adjust. The light is square when focused all the way. It doesn't matter, but just pointing it out.
    I'm happy with the light when something equivalent typically costs 3 times as much.
  • Cheap & fun UV flashlight

    posted by ShakurR

    Decently strong light, very fun to play with for both adults and kids. Uncovers hidden details in bank notes, and makes certain colours "change". Very cheap and sturdy, and is very simple to use.
    If you are not an investigator or intend to use this flashlight for some sort of professional use, this flashlight will do nicely! :)
    A good buy! Not really very useful, but definitely a fun tool! :D
  • Great tool!

    posted by truchisoft

    Has 8 screwdrivers in one, plus a strong light to illuminate what you are doing (something you will find really useful very quickly), feels sturdy and its really handy
    Having recently moved from my parent's house to my own, i found my lack of screwdrivers to be worrisome, since i was facing the purchase of furniture and fixing of the tidybits of the new howse, i found this to be an excelent tool for everything i needed
    If you already have a set of screwdrivers at home and at the car, dont bother.
    If not, BUY IT NOW!

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