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3x3x3 magic iq cube

The perfect 3x3x3 magic iq cube here to meet all your needs. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. With your support, we can do better.

3x3x3 magic iq cube Customers Reviews

  • very good rubik

    posted by mrccrm

    very good cuberuns smoothly2 sets of stickers+clear tape for appliance.pretty good qualitycuts corners well
    to assembly the cube search on youtube.be carefull when you apply the stickers so you put them in the right place.blue on top,red on the right,orange on the left,green on the bottom and yellow on the back
    the clear tape helps to apply the sticker.stick the clear tape on the stickers then easy pull off then apply it on the cube and remove it.this way you can align them better.
  • fair quality magic cube

    posted by amaryeh

    White plastic is smooth and has quick and easy movement without adding lubricant.Colors are molded on, so stickers cannot come free.Cheap (under $3 a cube).
    Quality good for introduction to cube use. Won't hold up for long term use.
    Quality good for introduction to cube use. Won't hold up for long term use.Ok for party favors.
  • Very good product

    posted by herbertres

    Very good cube. Original Dayan, adjustable. Fast and very light. Good quality adhesive. Satisfactory price. In Brazil it costs triple the price on the DX. Colors in the general pattern of most of the cubes.The cube GuHong Dayan is now the most talked about new 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube, its parts are completely remodeled. It has a very light swing and precise, ideal for speed cubing.Included with the Rubik's Cube and the original box.
    Delivered in Brazil with a good run. Quality packaging. Thanks, DX.
  • The best cube ever.

    posted by elenavazhdaeva

    It's the best speedcubing cube. I tried to usemany different cubes and it's the best. Cuts edges on 45° in any side (even on middle!), doesn't pop (I tried), rotates easy and fast. Nice quality. Cheap price.
    DaYaN 5 ZhanChi is the best speedcubing cube ever. And in DX it costs very cheap.
  • This is a Dayan LingYun Version 2 speedcube!

    posted by ktyamachi

    Just so there is no confusion, this is an authentic Dayan III LingYun V2 speed cube, the 'sequel' to the very popular Dayan GuHong. Also, it is Version 2 of the LingYun, which means that it comes with torpedoes installed.
    To the uninitiated, 'torpedoes' are small pegs of plastic installed inside the edge pieces which makes the cube almost impossible to 'pop' apart when twisting frantically.
    It comes fully assembled in the original factory box, but without the Dayan 'member's card'.
    Compared to the GuHong, this cube is just a touch smaller. Also, with the torpedoes installed, pops are almost nonexistent. If you can handle the speed, this cube is just amazing. Also, I think you will find DealExtreme's price is great for the V2 LingYun, compared to some of the other speed cube companies.
    This is the real deal, and anyone who likes the GuHong, or is interested in using a real-deal speed cube should pick one up.


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