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3x3x3 magic iq cube

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3x3x3 magic iq cube Customers Reviews

  • Best spped-cube so far

    posted by rochester

    Much better than those low-quality $2 cubes.Good sticker quality, good plastic quality, well lubed.Really good for speed cubing, and even good if you are just getting started.
    This is my third cube and I have lowered my time in more than 50% after using it!Arrived really fast, considering that I live is a small town in Brazil.I recommend you using something to track your time while solving and you'll see that you'll certainly improve in a few days.
    Awesome, will buy again soon.
  • so happy whit this

    posted by krisking

    its cheep.it easy to turn the sides, kan even use some of the finger moves that i use on the normal 3x3x3 one.it takets a little bit of thinking to solve it the first couple of times, but gets easyer whrn you get the hang of it.this is worth buying.
    originaly it was thougt as a gift, but now i'm keeping it for my self.i love taking this of the shelf when i am a bit bored
    good for a cheep gift, ore for youre owne joy.and it is just kind of fun too see all the different shapes it kan twist into :b
  • Cute Cube!!!

    posted by BlackKeima

    So good looking, portable (this little guy is everythere with me now), easy to rotate, ideal size for keychain, hook is strong.
    Nevertheless the quality is better, than I expected! Of course, this cube is not appropriate for speedcubing, but convenient for memorizing algorithms and practising.
    It's not just a cube - it's a piece of joy! :) Must have for cubers! :))
  • best cube ever

    posted by moeayman

    it's the best cube in the world, after i got that cube , i knew how the world record holder got this record with it :)
    i only had a rubik's brand which was my main and after playing with the zhanchi my time is going better :)
    with or without the torpedoes ,, its not poping at all and the best cube ever :) you must buy this thing :)
  • Perfect for cubix addiction

    posted by johnnwoo

    The price is amazingly good !It is small enough to cary it everywhere ! Usefull wheile waiting the bus, or during boring course.I put in on my school bag, so i always have it.
    I hesitated before buying it. I was afraid that it would be so bad quality that i wouldn't be able to use it.In fact, me and my brother used it a lot and it still hold strong. Of course, you'll have to be very very carefull, but you'll enjoy having it with out.

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