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3w white pieces

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3w white pieces Customers Reviews

  • good price

    posted by ncjsvr

    Good price, good led, i´d bought a time ago and i do it again.THe light is constant and work very well betwen diferent temperature.the ship is very fast, incluse in christmas timethe product meets the specifications and am using with intensive
    Dx have a good product, i dont have problem with anything.they have very care and send all thing with its proteccions, all product arrive in perfect condition.
    price, quality and price,
  • Nice bright lights

    posted by Nygma

    Very small and very bright lights. I bought 2 packs together with SKU 140015 for mounting. I have connected them in series and drive them SKU 157686 from the mains.
    I bought some U aluminium channels from the local DIY store (sold for picture frames). LEDs and fixed to the channel, wires running inside and all screwed into the ceiling outside. I applied glue from glue gun for waterproofing. See attached pictures. It is outside for weeks now in winter. Working just fine.
    perfect and cheap for any DIY work. Consider heatsink since these small LEDs produce considerable amount of heat.

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