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3w uv Customers Reviews

  • Positively surprised

    posted by kungen

    Great quality feeling. Comes in a neat box with all you need to get started. Flashlight, battery, charger and adapter for EU socket. Works great to detect UV markers on papermoney even i broad dylight.
    Since i didn't scroll down when i looked at the describing pictures i was very surprised when i got both a battery and a charger for two batteries. All wrapped up in a neat box.
    Feels solid and well buildt and puts out a lot of light. This would be very useful during Geocaching tours requiering UV light.
  • cheap uv

    posted by santeri000

    Comes with charger and 18650 battery, long lasting battery, eu and us blug are both in the box, nice box where you can put it when not using. Great for checkin notes and dirt from everywhere. Cheap price, Powerful, frame is high quality aluminum.
    If you need to check that notes are not fake and want look where is dirt this is a great deal. Only this product is needed beacause there is battery and charger included in package. Dont look at light straight. CSI FEELING
  • Uv lamp for fish tanks

    posted by video200

    great little thing to keep microbes under controll and clear the water. easy to use and is realy helpfull in a fish tank with lots of fish and natural sunlight.
    a little on the large side and it could come with some addapters to a normal pump hose.
    awsome little thing to have and i just orderd a new one to replace the 1 i had. would not unplug it ones its been light so it can last for a long time,
  • Good UV P60, Bad host.

    posted by isotco

    - The build quality of the UV drop in is very good, it exceeded my expectations.
    - Produces a perfect beam beyond 20 cm.
    - Equally bright using 18650's and 16340's!
    I doubt it really is 3 watt as it is equally bright as another uv light I've got that is rated at 1 watt.
    Will show pee stains on your carpet.
    Along with a lot of other things! *hint*
    The uv drop in is GREAT, the host not so much.
  • Powerfull UVA lightsource for making blacklight or detectors

    posted by lasermanathome

    Althought the eye is about 1/2% as sensitive for this color as for the same amount of green light, the fluorescent effect using only one of these leds is remarkable and can be brought to spotlight with the proper secondairy optics , so you can build a powerfol coolant detector for the garage and other functions like markings made of fluorescent paint, human fluids etc.
    To make an array gives you a very powerfulle Blacklight, even stronger than 400 Watt high pressure mercury dichargebulbs with only 10 of these leds!!With perfect cooling 3 Watts are no problem , without cooling 0.3 Watts is about the limit.Used in completely dark circumstances they can irritat your eyes so better build them in a WF 501b and correct driver like I did my shelve.
    For blacklighteffects and for laboratory instruments , these leds are very convenient.Use a correct driver and use coolnig grease , mount them on a thick aluminum plate and , when used many, use a blower, the cooler they run the mure invisable blacklight you get, as almost any colorled, the wavelength depends on the temperature of the ledcristal.When they become hot, the wavelenght goes to 410 nM , whenn cool is stayes below 400nM what is much less visable.


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