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3w rgb controller

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3w rgb controller Customers Reviews

  • some what ok

    posted by gpashok

    Its simple and straight forward. Works fine, no issues so far.
    I got this product without remote control, and was not successful in communicating same to the customer service team. May be I got the wrong part. I have tried with similar remote control what I got it with other Lamp, but no luck. Having an mechanical switch in bulb might be useful, in a case like mine and for ppl how lost the remote, but still want to use it to maximum extent.
    Good product for this price point, provided you get what you see.
  • Good to use

    posted by abadaue

    Pretty colors that can be chosen by the remote control. There are three types of color strength. Weak, medium and strong. the remote control you can turn on and off the lamp. making it much easier, you do not need to get up from the chair or bed to turn off the light.
    bought to color therapy. well there are various colors and degrading the color is very interesting. and the response of the remote is fine quick.
    if you have a large room, I recommend you buy both of these. I use it in a luminaire next to my bed and I'm satisfied with the result.
  • great product

    posted by andreamattioni

    The light bulb is very easy to use, just place it in the spot and turn on, no manuals are required to operate and the materials quality is great.Really cool :) good packaging. Easy to use, no instructions needed. Just unbox mount in the lamp yoy want to pimp out and enjoy :) Remote comes with battery included, just remove the plastic cover and your good to go.-Solid construction-Cheap-Awesome for parties
    Highly recommended. Great buy for the price.
    Will buy another one!
  • Nice item for decorations and resting place

    posted by Inokez

    Very good for home decoration or if you have a club or something.The colors are nice and effects are awesome.The material quality looks expensive.The brightest color is the white.It's LED, low power consumption, higher lifetime.
    The facts that If two or more bulbs are close you will control both at the same time with one controller and the dim brightness may be a pro or a con, depending on what you want.
    If you use socket E27 and you like colour LED then buy it, do some decoration, put some on your bedroom to sleep tight. If not E27 buy it anyway and use an adaptator. Be sure to get at least a couple.
  • Very well but colors not mixing perfectly

    posted by ojoa

    Very good quality. Very bright. Using 3w of Power
    I put some shining-through paper in front of the spot to make the light "smoother". It worked, but the spot is not "sharp" anymore. For me it is ok, but overall it is not perfect.

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