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3w red Customers Reviews

  • Great product

    posted by kaosbjorn

    Small, good sound quality, easy to solder, very cheap, easy to install with holes in the circuit board. Can be driven with 3,7 volt Lithium Ion battery or from laptotp's USB port.
    Excellent little amplifier that drives 40mm 4 Ohm speakers (SKU: 122521) nicely. I will use this to create my own portable amplifier for my cell phone.
    A great product! Would recommend it to anyone who likes little DIY projects and is looking for an amplifier that runs with lower voltage than regular ones.

    posted by Buckwheat

    Amazing little lights, very bright. Just what I needed for my car. I would tell anyone to buy these. Price is right, can't get them any cheaper. I put them under the hood of my car making the engine glow red. EXACTLY what i wanted, looks amazing!! You could put these lights anywhere, they will do the trick!!
    If you are looking for a meter long strip of Lights, GET THEM!
    Going to order more for my other vehicle!
  • The best brake lights i've ever seen

    posted by GuiGold

    Really strong light, low battery consumption, long life (i seriously doubt you'll have to change it again before selling the vehicle itself)
    To create a bigger difference between the brake light and the signal light, i've put a 330ohm resistor serial withe the wire of the signal light. Got perfect this way!
    To create a bigger difference between the brake light and the signal light, i've put a 330 ohm resistor in series with the wire of the signal light. Much better this way!
  • Adequate, but brighter would be better

    posted by silviumc

    - low energy consumption 3W compared to original incandescent 21W
    - very long life, for all intents and purposes, longer than the life of the car itself.. that is if they don't fail in the first couple of months
    - almost as bright as the incandescent
    They might be the brightest around at this moment, but they should be even brighter to be perfect. And they should be a whole lot more intense going from tail-mode to braking. Two more leds on top and two more on the side that would light up when braking would be much better.
  • Better with Repeaters

    posted by kurtismccartney

    Great dual-band HT with great battery life for such a tiny radio. Go with one of the bright coloured ones like red or yellow - these things are about as tall as the old 1970s rigs were wide.
    The USB charger is super handy to have around for other devices as well. Was able to install the HT in a car using a 12v to USB adapter.
    Great radio for a city-wide repeater system.

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