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You can easily find the latest low priced 3w power led offered at our online shop. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. Find more hot gadgets at rgb power led and power led 5w. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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3w power led Customers Reviews

  • Godd pricing and performance

    posted by hhiippyy

    * Very compcact * good build quality * easy to improve
    This driver is build on MC34063a base, so you can easily midfiy it, if you want to make dimminel light. All that you need to do, it's deolider 220 Ohm SMD resistor form the top of the board, and solider on ti's place in series 220 Ohm resistor and 5 KOhm potenciometr, and you get 3W led driver with variable current. But, if You ar intersted in usingi it on the lowest current you wil need to change Coil with bigger one, to prevent blinking
    Very good LED driverMust have for DIY projectVery cheap, about $1 per driver
  • A good driver for LED 3W

    posted by evgenic

    I bought this driver for 3W Osram LEDs (SKU194296). With this driver - good brightness LEDs, although it is not the limit, because the LED's operating voltage of 3.9 V and operating current of 750 mA. The driver outputs a voltage 3.63 V and current 650mA. Thus the total power is obtained understated ... But I tried to connect the LED Cree Q3.Operating current 700mA turned to him and he shines much brighter (a feature of the LED Q3). The advantages of this driver could be considered that it is made in the closed case and sufficiently thick wire.
    I would recommend using this driver with LED Q3.Power same but higher brightness.
    All in all - a good driver for LED 3W (2.5W ~ real power is ~2.5W , but the LED is less heated). I found this driver only on the DX (for the presence of rare items - I love DX). I recommend to buy!
  • good product

    posted by fnflores

    good quality product, great luminosity (please take care, do not see LED directly), easy to use, it is applicable for any Arduino LED project, it comes with a standard packing.
    Recommended for high luminosity LED projects (I did a Christmas light for home), also to test any Arduino library works fine!
    Use it! it is fun and really easy to use!
  • led 110v Home use lights great quality and value.

    posted by damilkman81

    Bright clear light that uses 1/4 the energy of standard incandescent. More light than your average 12w/12v bulb. The build quality is very good and it was easy to install. The bulb emits no heat so it can be left on for long periods with out the worry of heating up a room in the summer. One more energy savings will be that your AC won't have to work as hard to keep the house cool. I love using indirect lighting but it always bugged me that I was using to much electricity. Now I am using less and getting the same effect. I have tried some of the other leds offered by dealextreme and find these to be some of the best.
    With energy costs skyrocketing, It makes sense to use these over any other bulbs on the market. Imagine if all lighting was converted to led. How much less fuel would the world be consuming.
    A little spendy but worth it. I will pay for itself in the long run. I will be ordering more.
  • Bright light cheap bulb with controller and optics

    posted by GammaButa

    - very bright light- can work from 12V adapter, car battery, other battery packs near 12Volts - tested and worked fine from solar solar panel with 18Volt starting voltage- only need 300-320mA of input current, leds are connected serially- for DIY porjects all the components can be also usefull (driver circuit, LEDs, metal heatsink housing, plastic optics)- easy to modify, to further improve efficiency
    I disassembled it and also measured voltage/current plus how to improve efficiency, pictures will be attached about internals and how to mod.
    It is one of the best 12Volt bulbs here if not the best.


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