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3w power led driver Customers Reviews

  • Power supply for lasers

    posted by cyberpla

    Very tiny!!!
    I connected a laser module and working properly.
    This power supply is ideal to use laser modules acquired recently.
    When you have a laser module connected while you heat a little, is common these devices.
    believed that I could find a power source so small.
    If you're using laser modules, this device comes in handy, since it supports several at once, although it should be protected with some resistance.
  • Does what it is expected to

    posted by Alshevts

    Working as it should. Quality is fine. Robust metal housing. Analogs at my local reseller are much more expensive. Nice and compact waterproof led power source. You can courageously mount it in bathroom, kitchen, outdoor, in the basement, garage and wherever there is a possibility of moisture penetration. What else should be said?
    Also it comes with nice 2-pin connector, which is not stated in the description
    A good choice if you need such a power source
  • A good driver for LED 3W

    posted by evgenic

    I bought this driver for 3W Osram LEDs (SKU194296). With this driver - good brightness LEDs, although it is not the limit, because the LED's operating voltage of 3.9 V and operating current of 750 mA. The driver outputs a voltage 3.63 V and current 650mA. Thus the total power is obtained understated ... But I tried to connect the LED Cree Q3.Operating current 700mA turned to him and he shines much brighter (a feature of the LED Q3). The advantages of this driver could be considered that it is made in the closed case and sufficiently thick wire.
    I would recommend using this driver with LED Q3.Power same but higher brightness.
    All in all - a good driver for LED 3W (2.5W ~ real power is ~2.5W , but the LED is less heated). I found this driver only on the DX (for the presence of rare items - I love DX). I recommend to buy!
  • good driver for 10W Leds

    posted by oinkwaste

    The driver is both cheap and and it provides quite good led regulation.the package is small which is a plus for confined spaces
    mounting is a bitch as you dont have space for mounting screws or anything, and confining it inside an insulating box, can have adverse effects on the already hight temperature of the driver itself...
    A generaly good driver. you cannot beat the price for 10W projects out of mains current.
  • This driver is not 680mA

    posted by whorled

    It is relatively inexpensive.It is small and light.It is waterproof.The wiring not too thin.It comes with a connector on the dc side.
    The DX listing for this product shows "Waterproof 680mA 3W Power Constant Current Source LED Driver ".The label on the driver has no output current shown, only "Output 1x3w"
    Came here expecting this driver to be suitable for power testing single 3w leds at 680mA. The driver only delivered 540mA into a single 3w led. It was tested with several different single leds: 2.5v red 660nm 3w leds, 3.5v blue 450nm 3w leds, and 3.7v warm white 3w leds. Multimeter showed each one receiving only 540mA.Left disappointed.


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